December 31, 2016

The story behind our Christmas miracles.

A love story!

It's the last day of the year, and today I will share a very special story with you. For us it is a true miracle.
I don't know where to begin, so I will probably go a little back in time as well.

This Fall we decidet to rehome our oriental girl Naomi, because she decidet she didn't want to get along with the rest of the cats in my home, beside Ziva.
We tried for a long time ,but you don't start an argue with a stubborn Diva :D
Naomi went down to Carolynn and the boys, and loved it there as long everyone else of the cats treated her like a princess. Her best match was actually the oci cat.

Together with Naomi's breeder, Krista we  decidet to place Naomi together with one of her sisters, so she had someone she knew.
So Carolynn went to Finland to pick Dotty up.

The plan was to get those sisters together again, and together they could move to their new fantastic home.
But as you know, the cats are good at making own plans!
On the flight home from Finland, Dotty started to call.
Carolynn had to organize the boys, even there were only 1 fertile boy in the house back then.  Orientals never like to be alone..

To make the story short, Naomi had to leave for her new home alone , because her sister was suddenly pregnant!
So Naomi moved to a lovly Oci Cat home and gets along with ALL the cats, and love her new mommy and daddy dearly

Dotty went home to me instead, placed in my bathroom in the start, so she could see the other cats and dogs.
Ziva was pregnant by that time and was so courius about the new girl on the block, who was she?
Ziva decidet she wanted to get a new friend , so she insisted for a friendship.
Dotty was not impresset the first days, but after some more visit of Ziva in the bathroom, she fell in love with her new bestfriend.
Who doesn't? Ziva has a special aura, so everyone loves her.

The two new besties moved in to my bedroom, and Dotty was the best supporter friend while Ziva was having her babies.

3 weeks later it was Dotty's time to giving birth,
She was acting strange the day  before, wanted to adopt the two siamese babies and even Ziva was her baby.
I went to bed with a new birthing cage placed in the middle of my bed. A couple of times during the night I woke up, but all was still the same,
So I went to sleep again the minute after.
Then in the very early morning I heard a loud scream, some high protests, but there were noone in my bed. So tired, where did the sounds comes from.
I liftet my head, and saw the birth had started.
Dotty has crawled down into the little "cage" where Ziva and her babies slept in , who were placed in the kitten run.
I couldn't see any kittens, but I could hear a very angry baby, and the seal siamese baby was full of blood, from the birth.
I couldn't help myself, I had to smile.
I was fast on my feet and took Dotty and the two first babies ouf the cage and placed her in the big birthing cage instead.
But Dotty was not happy, she insisted to have the 2 siamese boys with her, and of course Ziva too.
So yes, this was really a birth I will remember all my life.
I gave her Ziva, but took away the siamese boys, so while the babies kept comming, Ziva helped With some cleaning, and opened her milkbar until the birth was over - a great teamwork,

After the birth was over, I moved Dotty and her babies in to my guestroom where she stayed the first week.

The next week I moved them together again ,because Ziva and Dotty missed eachother so much.
After that they have shared the babies. Dotty take most care of her babies, but she aloud Ziva too.
The siamese boys don't mind having an extra mommy with cream in her milkbar and little "siblings" to wrestle with.
Ziva are so in love with little oriental babies, so both the mothers are so pleased with this dessision.


In the very early Fall Fantasy was calling, and we wanted to see if Tiger was interested, but we asumed he wasn't.
And yes, there were no interests in mating Fantasy.
We booked a appointment with one of our city Vets, to have Tiger neutred.
He was over 4 years old, and every time he had a girl in heat infront of him, he just looked the other way. It was a hard dessision, but enough was enough.
Tiger went Down to his appoinment, and the Vet looked at him.
But she didn't want to neuter him.
Tiger has never been sick, is super healthy, but he love  food and is very fat.The suprelorin chips has not helped him loosing weight either during the years.  The Vet did not like the tought of putting Tiger in anesthesia.

I was a at work, and did not know anything, when me and Carolynn spoke later that day on the phone.

Tiger was put on another Suprelorin Chip, so then we could waited a year, and see if he was interested in girls again.
"Yey" same old story, so much to look forward too....

It has been some time since that Vet visit, and then Dotty came home to Carolynn with her full heat.
Tiger who has not been interested in any girls in the past, never-ever!! Only humping on the boys he lives with. 
Well, he was almost neutred, so he wanted to do a prank with us all, and he mated Dotty!!
We were all in chock, what did just happened???

As the weeks went by, we saw clearly that he had mated with success.
And Carolynn had to tell Krista what had happened.

We are so greatful for this very ooops litter, and we are greatful for who the breeder of the mother is.

Tiger became a daddy for his very first time, almost 5 years old!!!
And he couldn't picked a better mother for their babies. Dotty is a super mom!


I will make 3 w pics of the babies tomorrow, and also 6w pics of the siamese twins.
But I did make some pics of the smallest some days ago.
They are all so beautiful.
Some looks more like daddy, some like mommy. Some a good mix of them both.


Our little beauties 15 days old.

With all this we wish you all the best for New Year  2017 !!