December 17, 2013

It is soon Christmas

December is always going too fast. But I have it under control, I think ?
Some more cleaning of the house, shopping the rest of the food and wrapping in the rest of the gifts.
This Christmas we will have the house full. Full of friends and some of the boys on 4 legs.
I am looking very much forward for it. My friend C with 2 of her kids, and a auntie from England and of course Tiger,Hidalgo and Sonny.
The day after Christmas we will have even more guests. Dinky and Chai's human parents will come on dinner.
Then some working days in the middle and together again by New Years Eve.

The kittens are growing too fast. Now we are in the middle of the potty training. They are all doing great. And they eat solid food. A very easy learning litter.
Of course one of them has tried some times to climb over my little kitten yard in the kitchen as well. I hope I can convince them to stay there another week - but time will tell. If not we have little kitchen monsters around our feet - and all humans has to start to walk strange to avoid stepping on any little furry 4.legged.

It has'nt been so many pictures of this litter,because it is not easy to take any nice one this time of the year. I need good outdoor light.
But today we tried to take some Christmas pictures. The only one who enjoyed that was the little redhead - he think he is the gift to any camera - my little sweetheart.

I made some, but then there came a big problem. How to place something red,black,spotted and a tortie together in one card?The Christmas card. I gave up!
But the single-pictures were sweet anyway.

Here are some of them. 4.5 on the pictures.

And as a bonus picture this time. Look how much alike Fortuneteller is her daddy Hidalgo around the same age - 4 w old. Daddy is the one to the left :

December 15, 2013

3 "brothers".

I had a great time,visiting the boys in Kristiansand.
As soon as I came inside the door I met of course Tiger and Hidalgo. But the newest little brother was nowhere to be found.
He came after a while. But he had the sweetest dreams and was still sleeping in Carolynn's bed.
Can men be sleeping beauties? :-)
Since Sonny had a long good nightsleep he had lots of energy to let out.
Puuuurrrrrr kiss kiss puuuurrrrr, and the show was on. So happy and outgoing and with "fleas in his butt" - just as a normal happy kitten shall have of course.
I was a bit worried if it would be time to make some few pictures , would there be a short time he had time to sit still?

In few moments I manage to take some pictures- wow!
The light is not the best this time of the year - so the pictures are not the best. But they can be used and be shown.
It will be plenty of time later to make better pictures.

It has been a strange journey with the boys. And we feel so lucky to find a 100 % match! They are so much alike eachother in many ways.
Tiger is the one who is the calmest, Hidalgo is the blondest and little Sonny is still a baby - but he got the same "happy go lucky" gene, don't know what stress is and with a super temper.
So the trio couldn't been better.
It took not long time before they was best friends either. 1 day.
Both Hidalgo and Tiger loves their new baby. Sonny has also started to suckle on Tiger - and Tiger think he is the new mommy :-)) A "gene" he got from his mommy, Milla. Can never be enough kittens around him to love!

So I am so happy and pleased myself too - for further breeding. They are beautiful, they got nice pedigrees and fantastic temper. I am so greatful to have such nice fertile males.

Little prince charming.

Super profile!

It is hard to sit still when all you want to do is play and kiss.

His strong red colour,

December 11, 2013

Red is the colour for Christmas - welcome to Norway!

Christmas came early this year :-)
Me and my friend, Carlynn started to talk about a new little boy. Nothing that was in any hurry - because we have  our 3 boys. But after Bico moved to his forever home together with his father, the company-cat was not there anymore. The orientals needs company, and with 2 cats, and if one of them is staying a short period with the girls for matings , the other boy is left alone. With all the attention from the humans, but it is nice to have a little furry friend too. So 3 cats are a perfect number.

Carolynn loves red cats. When she was an active breeder her self, it was red and tortie siamese cats.
I love torties too, no doubt :-)) But I don't have red cats as my favorites when they are adult. As kittens they light up the nest like a sun. In breeding they are the best, they give tortie girls ;-)
But I love bicolours, in all colours - also in red.
So if we should have something red, it had to be a bicolour.

Then the search started. The pedigree was very important - we needet something totally different from the other cats.
After that we was looking for the qualiteen that I love to have in my breeding programme.
And we did find him!! We found a redspottet bicolour boy with a super fantastic temper. So  sweet and calm - will fit perfectly in with Tiger and Hidalgo - who are the sweetest boys on  earth.
With super lenghts and elegance, super spotts, fantastic profile. And with a nice pedigree for our other cats.
He has to grow up, but I am so looking forward for his offspring in the future.

Our little boy came to Norway yesterday. On Friday I will go visit him with my camera and admire and kiss him,
This little one will be living with Tiger and Hidalgo - but I will be able to kiss him from time to time.
By Christmas all the boys and the humans will be celebrating together with us.

Who is this little one?
His name is FI*Birregin Sonny - a charming little one who brought us sunshine in the dark December.
Thank you so so much, Regina - for letting him move to Carolynn and that he can be a part of our future breeding plans.

Here is a couple of pictures from his early childhood in Finland. There will come new pictures soon.

December 3, 2013

Our litter born 14th of Nov - 2013

Here are the first presentation of our first litter after :

DE*Oralee Hidalgo  OSH n24
Aliyah Narsil *CZ OSH f

The boy :

And his sisters :

Tiger loves this bunch of kittens too :

November 19, 2013

Lots of news

It has been some buisy weeks.
We have been celebrating Halloween :

And my birthday  with a very strange cake......... a cat-litter cake!! Made by Hidalgos 13 old owner. It gave me a good laugh :D

Ozzie has spent this Autum drinking water out of crystal glasses - my spoiled sweetheart.
Because when you are pregnant you are aloud to act strange ;-)

And yes, it was Ozzie who was very pregnant. Few days ago she gave birth to 6 beautiful little babies.
A group picture and their pedigree can be found on the "kittens" page.
When they are a bit older, I will write about them and of course make pictures on the blog.

But here is one of them - a precious little tortie :

October 26, 2013

Cats and holiday

Our cats are very lucky. There is always a home with open doors for them, if they need someone  to babysit them. Either here  with us, Kristiansand or in the middle.
Dinky and his son "Bico" has now a forever-home with Michael. I really think they are the most spoiled cats in the Universe?
Bico was suppose to live with Tiger - but Dinky is like most orientals, not a cat who thrives alone. So the plan was that Bico was going to be a temporary guest.
But father and son are really THE best friends - so we decidet they have to stay together - forever.

This week Tiger needet a babysitter. He is always welcome at our place,but it is closer to Michael's home.
Dinky and  Bico knows of course Tiger very well - so the week went super. With good food, lots of kisses and fun.  Holidays are very similar for both humans and cats ;-)

Thank you so much, Michael, for giving my boys the best home they could ever wish for. I think Tiger doesn't mind to go on holiday to you again in the future :-)
And by Christmas time, I will be able to kiss the  boys again too. Because then ALL the cats, boys and girls will be celebrating the Christmas together - with the human-parents at our place. 

October 13, 2013

Sunny October

Today the weather has been wonderful. I really love the Atumn - when the sun is shining. All the beautiful colours.
Me and Hidalgo went for a long walk for almost 2h down to the beach. He is almost like a dog, walking few steps infront of me .

September 26, 2013

Emma and Hidalgo - babies and the babysitters.

Now I manage to make some new pictures of our beautiful siblings-pair from Germany.
Emma and Hidalgo. They have always been very close friends, and when they are together it never changes.

We hope for little babies after Hidalgo first, and we have some exiting plans for his sister, Emma next year.
It is enough with 2 planed litters this year.
Milla has been on holiday to her favorite Auntie , human-mommy of Hidalgo and Tiger. She has a city-vet close by.
We gave her a clean-up with her teeth. Some plaque was all there was - so now she is welcome to call ;-) She will be with us soon again. She has not been away for many days - but it has felt like a year - and I miss my soulmate.

But luckily I have others I can kiss and hug.
Emma is Emma -purring,talking,running and climbing. And when she is really really tired, first then it is possible to make pictures of her.

Hidalgo is still developing, but hopefully he has reach his full zize now. There is ALOT of him to love.

Sibling-love :

And now our little fosterbabies.
We have found a wonderful home for them - and they will have a forever home together.
They will have a human-family of 5 and a new cat-mommy as well.
I wanted them to get to know Tiger before they are leaving for their new home, so he came with me home on Saturday. It is just a short visit - but it is important for the babies.
Why? Because he loves babies with all his heart. Just like his mommy.
And the little furry babies needs all the love they can get - also from cats who can learn them cat-manners :-)
Tiger just looked at them for a couple of seconds and then he gave them a warm hug and lots of cleaning.
It is nice for Ozzie to get some help with the babysitting. She is doing a exellent job as well with them.

And a last one - Tiger.
Taken in the middle of the evening - it is very dark.
But if you look close you can see him :-))
He is also developing more and more and  I love him so much. He has became a beautiful young male.

That's was all for now.
Maby Milla want to sit infront of my camera for my next update here?

September 12, 2013

Anyone who want a cup of tea? Limited only :-))

Hi you all.

I have been very buisy since the last time I'd updated my blog.
Lot of working.
The kitten-plans has been change - and we hope for matings soon - if the girls want to call.
We have chosen to use Hidalgo first, before Tiger - since he is extremly fertile.
There is a huge difference between them. Tiger must be a cousin of Garfield the Cat ;-)
Hidalgos sister, Emma will have her litter a little later. We hope Ozzie and Milla will be able to have their litters close.

I had a wonderful time as always in Kristiansand.
Tiger was happy to come home again to his human mommy - and is back to his old habits.
One of them is drinking water of glasses placed on the table ;-)

Friday was spent home with C and her family and Saturday we was at the local cat show.
There was sadly not so many siamese and oriental cats - but those who came had lots of charm and some were very beautiful as well.

Here is one of the cats - who charmed the jugdes and he charmed me as well. Such a funny and sweet baby boy. And beautiful as well :

For more pictures you need a Facebook account :
Pictures from Sørak Cat Show

And....... we wanted so much kittens soon. It has been over a year since the last litter were born at our home.
And our wish came true ;-)
2 little house cats - probably at the time just 4 weeks old was found in the middle of the road.
A friend was walking with his dog one evening and heard some sad sounds in the grass.
Someone has just dumpt them there :-(
When I heard about them, I wanted to take care of them.
We have given them medicine for worms , for their ears and a regular Vet. check.

They learned fast to use the litterbox and was very hungry. Needet some bath in the start.
Now our kitchen looks like a little kindergarden :-))
Both a blue and white with a pattern and so fluffy!! And they have a very sweet temperament both of them.

Emma was a bit jelouse in the start, but it is getting better. She has never been mean to them.
Ozzie think they are very cool. Milla think they are sweet but strange. Shall kittens really have so much fur?
So those two little girls will need a permanent good home later. If you know about a suitable home, let me know.
They will leave our home with lots of love and are treated like all our cats and kittens.

August 25, 2013

Back to normal days and a huge gift for the cats.

It was really wonderful to be back at work again.
I feel very sorry for them who don't have good enough health to manage to work and for those who don't have a work to go to.
At my work there is something different every day - and I meet alot of nice people.
On top of it, I have decidet to walk to my work - on every shift. Some people was almost in "chock" :-)) Not because of me , but most people take their car.
Well, I don't drive and my feets are working very well.  It is not that far. About 2.5km each way.
But after a good walk twice a day, and the hours at work it is very good to come home again too.

If someone was wondering if any of the girls has started to call now, the answer is still no.
I am hoping every day it will happen soon ,because I don't wish for kittens by the Christmas time.
Maby the girls has overheard me say I love to have kittens by Spring - so maby it is therfor they wait?
One thing is for for sure - it is hard to plan kittens and hope they want to cooperate with my wishes :-)

Milla is happy with her two "babies" :

Next weekend I will be visiting a local cat show in Kristiansand. With my camera - so maby there will be some nice pictures to show you. I know there will be alot of beautiful little oriental babies there. And probably some beautiful adults as well. I am very much looking forward to spend the weekend together with some of my very best friends.

Tiger will also go with me back home to his mommy next Friday.  We will miss him dearly - but I know his mommy is missing him even more.
With a new job and moving in to a new place she has been very buisy.
Tiger will come visiting us again - when it is time for a little romance with him and his girlfriends.
( Or if he need a babysitter. )
I made some new pictures of him ( again) and now his eyes has started to go back to green again. I am very happy about that. Oriental eye colour is a mysteria - they are often not finished before they are 2-3 years old. But this is looking good. Hopefully he will get back his wonderful green eyes he had as a kitten.
And he has still his big "MCO" chin! Same as his mommy, Milla. Just love it!

Has it happend something else here during the week? Yes!!!
From time to time we need to change the cat's climbing trees - they don't last forever.
But finding one I really really love - that was not easy.
Because I wanted something with much to scratch on, not alot of sleeping places.
If they want to sleep they choose the sofa anyway.
I had almost given up my search. I don't know yet if we are able to visit WW-show in Denmark later, so I could take a look there for THE one. Think I am maby too picky?
But suddenly the right one was just an hour away from me.
And what a service!  2 very nice people delivered it on my door, and helped me to place it.

What did the cats think of it? Well, it was really my very best buy in a long time. They loved it!!
And it is 2.5m high, lots to scratch on, inside and outside. And if they want to take a nap , there is a cosy place in the bottom as well.

This is what I am talking about :

So a huge huge thank you from me and all the cats. Thank you for letting us buy this wonderful,different and fun climbing post!

Next update will be with a little news from the cat show in Kristiansand - if not my camera sudden just want to show you something in a hurry - you never know :-)