February 21, 2015

Close to 3 weeks and 4 weeks

A new week again, and new pictures.
Since last week the biggest babies has moved in to the kitchen, where they will get toilet trained.
Smallest babies has moved in to the livingroom,living in a sturdie cage to get better place, but still a safe and warm place.

Smallest babies got their pedigree names also now.
Me and Carolynn agreed on something sweet as a theme, and sudden Carolynn found the perfect theme. Ice cream - and there is so many cool names to choose from. We landet on Ben and Jerry's.

Our ice cream babies are getting very social and courius about the world outside their "nest".
Some more than others.
One of the red boys is a real love magnet, but his little spottet sister is VERY special herself.
Smallest  in that litter, but  a boss comes in many different looks and sizes :D
She loves to get kisses, but really dislike the sound of the camera. Her mother is just the same. So if this little girl turn out to be like their mommy - it will not be a boring cat.

Here they are :

Bohemian Raspberry

Maple Blondie

Hazed & Confused

Jamaican Me Crazy

Cherry Garcia

Biggest litter is growing well.
We had a micro problem when they were  around 2 w old. Mommy Misty is such a good mommy, but she forgot to eat as much  as she should - so her milk production went a bit down.
Then we had 5 hungry babies.
So the next week we had a great cooperation - me and Misty.
I gave her babies a little extra milk few times a day. During this week I was searching for some extra tasty wet food for Misty, to help her with her milkproduction.
And I did find it. On Animail.no  a pet stor online.
So I really recomand this food for every catmommy who is loosing her milkproduction a bit.

Misty really loved this food, and after a week the milkproduction was back to normal.
No more hungry babies.
In these days they will learn to eat solid food, but still mommy's milk are best.
I have been shopping alot of raw and wet for them, so we will see if some of it is tasty during the next week.

And no, it is the dangerous type of egg.

2 of the girls likes my goatmilk mix as an early starter :

We have decidet wich girls who will be staying in our breeding programme.
The blue girl - so we have  something else than almost only torties and the spottet tortie girl.
The third girl will be moving to another breeder - so in future I will get loots of charming updates about her childhood since her new owner also make lots of pictures.

I love all the 3 girls, but the choice is made like this : One is decidet with my head, the other with my heart.

Here they are - all of them - 4 weeks old :

Blue Desire

Dirty Passion

Secret Fantasy

Seven Sins

White Lies

So with so many drinks and ice cream we have a alot of fun these days :-))
We will see how it goes next week with making photoes. More "fleas in their butts", so it will for sure not getting any easier :-))

February 14, 2015

3 weeks with names + 12 days

Another week has passed.
All 10 kittens are growing well, and it's a joy every morning to wake up to watch and admire them all.
10 days between in age is a bit difference right now - they are changing alot day by day.
So watching the smallest babies and then go watching the oldest is like 2 different worlds. But time will go fast, and soon they will all be together  to eat, play and couddle.

It is two very different combinations, and the two litters are looking very different. But all of them are so wonderful - of course as a kitten-grandma I think that ;-)

Around 3 w of age our kittens names get official. And some breeders use letters,  but I made a choice when I started with my breeding to use themes. That is much more fun, at least my opinion :-)
There is a story behind the names for Misty's babies.
Me and Carolynn went to Denmark Summer 2014, and one evening we went out for some drinks. And we noticed the fun name on the bottle. Secret Fantasy. Wow, what a cool name - hmmmm. And plans was made, a perfect name for a kitten.
The next day we found lots of other cool names in a food store - there was actually 9 different bottles and names. ( And all tasted wonderful.)
But with 5 kittens we chose out 5 bottles and their names.

 So this litter is the "TEMPT litter" - names choosen from the TEMPT drinks.

Noone of the girls are for sale. 1 will move to another breeder and 2 will stay.
Their brothers are spoken for, but nothing is decidet, and 1 of them might be for sale later.

Here they are, Misty's colourful babies. First the boys, then the girls.

Seven Sins 

White Lies

Blue Desire

Dirty Passion

Secret Fantasy

And then the smallest babies, Jimmy's firstborns. He is living happy in Kristiansand, so grandma-Milla is reaching out a helping paw like she always does. Ozzie got so much milk to them,that they are looking like hairy sausages :D

We have decidet their names now, and another funny theme.
But it will be a secret one more week.
In this litter we don't know who will be avalible before they are 6 w old. But are you interested in any of them - you are welcome to contact us.

Boys first and girls last :

Bonus picture. Proud daddy to the right with best buddy, Leo. 

February 4, 2015

12 days + new familymembers.

Misty's babies are growing, and getting more and more beautiful day by day.
I love pattern. Spots are closest to my heart, but I love classic as well.
In this litter we have a beautiful classic tortie girl, but during the first week I was a bit confused about some of the other babies as well - could more of them really be classic?
Not 100% sure, but close enough. The creme bico boy is classic, and probably the blue bico girl as well.
That is wonderful, and exiting for our future plans as well.

All the babies are still in option from this litter. I have so many kitten request on this litter - so time will tell if we will have any avalible. Maybe the boys.

Boys :

The girls :

On Monday we had our second litter this year.This will be Ozzie's very last litter.

One of the babies are very colourful - just like their mother.

More info next time the blog gets updated.