January 27, 2012

3 weeks old

Time flies as usual in good company with 3 sweethearts who we just love to peaces.
They are very courius now, and hard to keep safe in the birthbox.
Actually this is the longest I have held any litters in a birthbox,but I think they will move in to the kitchen in our kittenrun sometimes before 4 w of age.

We have decidet to keep Voodoo Dancer. I hope and think he can give us much in our future breeding program.

The little tortie will either stay home or move to a friend. We know for sure in few weeks.

The charming siamese boy is still much much bigger than his siblings and have given me alot of greay hairs about his colour.
Some days he was blue,somedays he was seal, with a strange colour in his face and hardly nothing on his legs.
My conclution is that he must be smoke.
But only time will tell if I am right about it.

The kittens will be PRA testet this weekend,and then we will send the tests back to Australia.

Oh yes.....the pictures:-)

January 21, 2012

2 weeks old

Today are the babies 2 weeks old. Actually the siamese boy was born around exactly this time in the morning.
He was nr 1, and are still nr 1. He think he need most food, he want food all the time,he is the biggest and he got the strongest voice. Oh dear, he can scream. I wonder where he has that from? I belive his auntie, Fayette's sister. Because Fayette and Disco are very sweet cats with normal volume of their voice.

He will be a very talkactive charming little man when he grows :-)

And the girl, beautiful Fetisha. She had other plans this morning, than modelling for me. She is very much alike Fayette in her personality, a very sweet girl. She is very calm now,but that can change in few weeks. Maby she will be  the wildest one?
We love her colourful fur. Even orientals are born with their colour, torties change alot while they are growing. I wonder what she will look like in 10 weeks,how much red her coat will have.

And our blackie at last.
He is a middle thing between his siblings.Sometimes he is very silent,and sometimes he actually has something to tell - but still he is very calm, compearing with his brother. And we like that alot,since we consider him to stay home :-)

January 14, 2012

Kittens 1 w old and a new stunning Russian lady

Today our babies are 1 w old.
They are very different in type and personalites and are just so much fun for all of us.
Milla is still very happy for her Auntie-babies and are close by them in every awake moment.
Fayette loves to have company in the birthbox.

All of them has opened their eyes,and they are so beautiful.

We got also a big big surprise today, from Russia.
A very nice friend over seas did buy me a very special doll.
I was just so happy, but it was really no need to buy me such an expensive doll.

It is Alla Veselova who runs both a Cattery and her own hobby butiq who is the artist behind my beautiful new amazing doll. If you want to see more of her work you can visit her page here : SHOP

January 9, 2012

Kittens 1 day old

I hope  the camera and weather listen to my wish, so I can publish pictures every week.
We choose to put to sleep the smallest baby, so now they are 3 strong babies left.
Fayette has proven her birthline is the best, she is a fantastic mommy.
Milla who loves babies is always to be find in the birthbox. Fayette loves the company.

It has been 1 year since my last siamese litter,and I was so happy when the first boy was a siamese baby.
He was huge allready then,and are growing nicly. He loves the milkbar and hang around in every awake moment.
I think my big wish of a sealpointed will not be heard from the color fairy this time :-)
Maby blue og chocolate? Well, in few days we might see what he really is.

The girl is sometimes silverish, and sometimes just very colourful non-silver.
Patient is needet.

The last one is pure black and such a beauty.

All of them have strong chins, good lenghts and nice profiles, so I am courius of their development.

It's so nice to have babies in our home again, and I hope everyone who visit our blog also will enjoy their jurney  - from little innocent babies to naughty charmers in few weeks.

This litter is named after songs from Ozzy Osbourne - we went to a consert with him last Summer - a memory for lifetime,so we decidet some kittens had to have names from his songs in future.

The Ultimate Sin


Voodoo Dancer

January 7, 2012

Beautiful babies has been born

Early this morning they were ready to enter the world.
The birth went so easy, so Fayette is following her mother-line. That is so good to know,and it is also an important breeding qualitee.

4 babies - 3 boys and 1 girl.
One of the boys are very weak,so I think he will pass the rainbow brigde.
The others are big and strong.
Breeding are good times and sad times, but I am happy, if we can loose those who are not ment to be as early as possible,even it hurts.

Proud parents to this litter are the handsom red Russian :
Disco Dancer OSH d(24) and our black happy hurrican (N)Attack's Fayette OSH n(s).

These babies are probably not for sale any of them.

Here is the sia boy . He is the biggest,has a very long head and a very nice profile

Our black beauty who also have a nice profile and a very good chin.

The girl!! Who got all of the mothers qualitees. She is long all over, even her tail.

This is how a funny tortie tail can look like :-)

News from Argentina

Today I recived alot of pictures from my dear friend, Maria, in Argentina.
The beautiful Summer model is no other than (N)Attack's Please Please Me.
He has developed so nicly,and I love his beautiful contrasts.

Thank you so much for every single picture, Maria.