March 15, 2012

Our beautiful Ida is home

Short time ago, I went to Sweden to pick up our new girl.
It was so nice to meet the breeder and "Ida" was one of my dreams came true - again.
She is halfsister to Milla. Even Milla have very much from her motherline,you can see alot of similiar from the fatherline as well.
But there stops the similarities . Ida is everything her bigsister isn't.
She is the wildest little kitty I have ever seen. I have breed some of them in the past,but I think Ida gets the diploma of the wildest of them all. She have one on-botton and one off-botton. Thankfully she sleep at nights :-)
But all her naughtiness and couriosity gives us many many laughs every day.

She is a tortie in all her personlity and she know very well what she want or what she won't - but she is also a purring machine.

We love her supersilky fur,her deep and shiny blue eyes in her adorable face. She is very good looking and she knows it very well I think :-)
It will be exiting to see what the future might brings,but first we will enjoy her childhood.

Thank you so much, Lotta, for letting me have "Little Miss Naughty" - we are very greatful and promise to take good care of her.

March 4, 2012

Our Swedish little beauty-tortie has come home - and the babies are 8 w. old.

It has been a couple of buisy weeks.
Last week I was a little trip to Denmark. There I delivered Disco to another friend who brought him safe home again to Desiree in Holland.
This week I have been a little trip to Arlanda airport,Sweden, to pick up our new beautiful little tortie girl.
It was so nice to meet the breeder and "Ida" was exactly as beautiful as I thought she would be.
And she is such a naughty girl, and her personality, well that is also like the naughty tortie she is. Her vocabular is amazing :p
But even she has given us alot of grey hairs allready she charmes us with her lovly and sweet mind as well. She loves to give us hugs and purrs all day long. And she loves to sleep close to my chin at night.

Ida is a big girl with an amazing eye colour.

We will make better pictures of her when the temperatures get better outside.
She is Millas half sister and you can see that. They are very much alike.
We love Ida very much, and are so greatful that she is living with us - even we consider to change her name to "ElleVille", because she is such a wild kitty - she is one of a kind:-)

And here is also some pictures of our 3 sweethearts. We hope for better and more pics next weekend.
Fetisha is slowly developing better and better,and I am so happy for that. She is like a kinderegg, full of surprises.
Voodoo Dancer has turned from a little mouse to an alien-cat. We wonder what he will look like in the end. We love him anyway.
Ultimate Sin is still the same - our heartbreaker.