June 4, 2016

CFA show + Future + Summer

The Summer has arrived and BOOM it is almost 30 degrees outside.
Noone of the 4-legged do much at daytime, it is too hot. So sunbathing - sometimes shadow seeking is the best thing to do. I understand them well.

We have not introduced a special boy who moved in to Leo's home last year. He arrived at the same time our white boy Gabriel came. He is from the same cattery and he is Gabriel's half brother.
So here is is  Jarda Jagr Angel Felis , our beautiful boy with the most amazing pattern. He his black classic and looks like a walking art project . Catherine who has Jarda and Leo is lucky. 2 boys with amazing pattern. Thank you Catherine for giving them such a lovely forever home.
And thank you Zuzana for another beautiful boy.

All the pictures are taken by our good friend Krista ( Naomi's breeder).
Jarda and Carlin went to a CFA show in Niedernhousen, Germany, last weekend. And now both boys are CFA Champions.
Krista and Carolynn went down there, and met Jarda's breeder Zuzana. All the way from USA, our friend Cherylee also came. They had a lot of fun.

We have almost decidet who of our little babies who will continue in our breeding programme. Of course they shall grow and develop, and lot of things can happen.
Along with that dessision, we have also decidet to take out some our of adult girls from our breeding programme during this year.

(N) Attack's Highway Star * Tia*
(N) Attack's Juicy Couture * Nikita*
(N) Attack's Blue Desire * Mercy*

Tia will move back to her foreverhome with Katri who has now moved to Finland.
Nikita will have a foreverhome with some great friends of us, and continue in their breeding programme.
Mercy will have a foreverhome, but we have not decidet who the lucky one is yet, because sevreal has offered her a good home.

Our next generation  :

Attack's White Cover ( chills with her halfsister Dreamcather) :

Attack's Lady Marmalade and Attack's Sparkling White :

The white kitten to the right has a damage eye. I have written about it on FB. Our Vet can probably fix it with an operation of her membran when she is done growing in her head as an adult. Just so you know, she is not sick in any way. 

And..... I have to make a little update about our bigger "cats" as well.
My two dearly beloved dogs.
They have it also hot these days. They don't want to have long walks and are very lazy.
But we spends lot of time on the beach in the evenings.

The other day I did acually forced myself in the water with them, because fluffy-Jesse needet to get wet in this heat.
We had alot of fun!
And then Jesse saw me and Cookie walked in the water, he came running after :-)) And voila , he did like his big sister , started to swim.

This was all for now. Guess what we are going to do? Heading for the beach :-))