November 21, 2012

Naughty tortie!!

It is not a secret that I love torties. The more colourful the better!
Last weekend me and my good friend and cooperator in my breeding programme drove many many km to the boarder between Germany and CZ - a very nice town  - Dresden.
It was a long trip. First we had to take the boat to Denmark - and then our highway trip started.
Actually almost 1500  km - ONE way - they say catpeople can be crazy, I have a feeling there might be some truth in those words :D

The trip down felt like few hours, I think it felt a bit longer for my friend and her sister.
Because I took a pill on the boat to not get boat-sick....... I am in nature a person with a lovly sleeping-heart, but with the pill I slept almost 10h at once.....

In Desden we had some few hours to spend before some very nice people did meet us. Petra and Martin, the breeders of our newest treasure.
The weather was not the hottest, so it was not a long meeting. But a very nice one.
And with them little Aliyah came too.

We had with us a big cage with enough room for a bed and a toilet,and she have almost the same sleeping heart as me, so the long trip back home...... still 1500km!!! went without any problem.
We had some breaks where she eat some food and went on sightsing in the car, happy and purring and could not decide of she wanted to kiss the people in the front seats or me in the back.

Our little colourfull sweetheart is extremly colourful, and for tortie-holics she is purrrrrfect.
Both me and Carolynn love her colour.
But when it comes to photographing, she will be a "hard nut to crack". It is late Autumn and not the best weather to make good and naturally pictures of her. And because of her funny big red spot in  her face, it is even more difficult.
But shame on them who gives up :-)  I am sure by the Spring with some luck we can get nice outdoor pictures of her.

Since she came home she has been living with Carolynn. She has done her health checks with the Vetrinarian actually today, and her health is 100% good.
She will soon move home to me and my cats.
In Carolynn's home she is taken well care of - humans,a little dog and the most patient and friendly cat in the world - our Tiger:

First she shall grow up,then we can plan her future in the our cattery. .
Aliyah is in co-ownership together with Carolynn, and we are both looking forward to much fun together.
In the future the boys will live with Carolynn and the girls will live with me. Then we can have 100% controll and have much joy each. The boys will sometimes also visit us for a day or two, for socialization and for matings.

Aliyah will have a new home-name. And to make my son very happy, we have decidet to call her Ozzie here at home. With a little twist in the spelling,it is a bit more girly. He loves Ozzy Osbourne.
And our Ozzie loves to talk and sing,so we think it is a good name for her :-)

I am writing and writing, but maby it is time to introduce our little girl with pictures?
All pics are made by Carolynn - thank you!!

Ozzie is a big girl,she is super elegant all over, with an amazing profile.
If I compear her to my cats,she has Fayette's body and tail and Idas head.
Her coat is also supershort.

Thank you so so much , dear Petra and Martin for letting us have her.
We love her dearly!


November 19, 2012

My beloved grandchildren and some home-news.

About 1.5 years ago, a little charming siamese boy moved from us to Argentina.
He became a very spoiled boy in no time. For me he will allways be the little bluepointed charmer,but he is now a grown up man.
Some weeks ago he became daddy to lots of beautiful babies, in 2 different litters.
They are all so beautiful and I am so happy for his human mommy, and I am  proud "grandma"!

I wished I lived much closer now,so I could go kiss them many times a day.

These are from the oldest litter. 2 naughty tortie girls and their brother. First one is the boy.

And here are the youngest. 1 girl and 2 boys. The girl  is the one in the middle.

I wish you all the best with all these wonderful babies, Maria!
Give their beautiful mothers a big kiss from me and tell them that they are doing a great work.

For Maria's cattery :

This was my frist secret :-)

My second secret arrived safely in Norway yesterday.
She is a blacktortie oriental girl with a big personality.She will be co-owned with my very good friend Carolynn. More about her soon.

I have at least one more secret,but 2 secrets in one day is really enough, right? :-)

While we was picking up our new girl, Millas babies has been visiting their big brother, Tiger.
I did not want to leave them home "alone" with less humans around them.
He do as usual a great job.
His smaller siblings loves him to peaces!

Diva has now left for her new permanent home in Stavanger. She will have a family with children,other cats and a dog. I am so happy she found just the perfect home and they love her so much.

Rebel Kisser will also move to Stavanger,but not yet. It is nice for both me and for Milla that they do not leave everyone at the same time. Rebel Kisser will also have lots of children in different ages to play with, another oriental cat and and dog.
In the meanwhile, I can make some more pictures of him soon.

Little "Bico" will not move longer than to Tigers home. We will not decide his destiny yet,because we love him so much. And Tiger need a friend too, so what is better than a little brother?