November 19, 2012

My beloved grandchildren and some home-news.

About 1.5 years ago, a little charming siamese boy moved from us to Argentina.
He became a very spoiled boy in no time. For me he will allways be the little bluepointed charmer,but he is now a grown up man.
Some weeks ago he became daddy to lots of beautiful babies, in 2 different litters.
They are all so beautiful and I am so happy for his human mommy, and I am  proud "grandma"!

I wished I lived much closer now,so I could go kiss them many times a day.

These are from the oldest litter. 2 naughty tortie girls and their brother. First one is the boy.

And here are the youngest. 1 girl and 2 boys. The girl  is the one in the middle.

I wish you all the best with all these wonderful babies, Maria!
Give their beautiful mothers a big kiss from me and tell them that they are doing a great work.

For Maria's cattery :

This was my frist secret :-)

My second secret arrived safely in Norway yesterday.
She is a blacktortie oriental girl with a big personality.She will be co-owned with my very good friend Carolynn. More about her soon.

I have at least one more secret,but 2 secrets in one day is really enough, right? :-)

While we was picking up our new girl, Millas babies has been visiting their big brother, Tiger.
I did not want to leave them home "alone" with less humans around them.
He do as usual a great job.
His smaller siblings loves him to peaces!

Diva has now left for her new permanent home in Stavanger. She will have a family with children,other cats and a dog. I am so happy she found just the perfect home and they love her so much.

Rebel Kisser will also move to Stavanger,but not yet. It is nice for both me and for Milla that they do not leave everyone at the same time. Rebel Kisser will also have lots of children in different ages to play with, another oriental cat and and dog.
In the meanwhile, I can make some more pictures of him soon.

Little "Bico" will not move longer than to Tigers home. We will not decide his destiny yet,because we love him so much. And Tiger need a friend too, so what is better than a little brother?