December 31, 2016

The story behind our Christmas miracles.

A love story!

It's the last day of the year, and today I will share a very special story with you. For us it is a true miracle.
I don't know where to begin, so I will probably go a little back in time as well.

This Fall we decidet to rehome our oriental girl Naomi, because she decidet she didn't want to get along with the rest of the cats in my home, beside Ziva.
We tried for a long time ,but you don't start an argue with a stubborn Diva :D
Naomi went down to Carolynn and the boys, and loved it there as long everyone else of the cats treated her like a princess. Her best match was actually the oci cat.

Together with Naomi's breeder, Krista we  decidet to place Naomi together with one of her sisters, so she had someone she knew.
So Carolynn went to Finland to pick Dotty up.

The plan was to get those sisters together again, and together they could move to their new fantastic home.
But as you know, the cats are good at making own plans!
On the flight home from Finland, Dotty started to call.
Carolynn had to organize the boys, even there were only 1 fertile boy in the house back then.  Orientals never like to be alone..

To make the story short, Naomi had to leave for her new home alone , because her sister was suddenly pregnant!
So Naomi moved to a lovly Oci Cat home and gets along with ALL the cats, and love her new mommy and daddy dearly

Dotty went home to me instead, placed in my bathroom in the start, so she could see the other cats and dogs.
Ziva was pregnant by that time and was so courius about the new girl on the block, who was she?
Ziva decidet she wanted to get a new friend , so she insisted for a friendship.
Dotty was not impresset the first days, but after some more visit of Ziva in the bathroom, she fell in love with her new bestfriend.
Who doesn't? Ziva has a special aura, so everyone loves her.

The two new besties moved in to my bedroom, and Dotty was the best supporter friend while Ziva was having her babies.

3 weeks later it was Dotty's time to giving birth,
She was acting strange the day  before, wanted to adopt the two siamese babies and even Ziva was her baby.
I went to bed with a new birthing cage placed in the middle of my bed. A couple of times during the night I woke up, but all was still the same,
So I went to sleep again the minute after.
Then in the very early morning I heard a loud scream, some high protests, but there were noone in my bed. So tired, where did the sounds comes from.
I liftet my head, and saw the birth had started.
Dotty has crawled down into the little "cage" where Ziva and her babies slept in , who were placed in the kitten run.
I couldn't see any kittens, but I could hear a very angry baby, and the seal siamese baby was full of blood, from the birth.
I couldn't help myself, I had to smile.
I was fast on my feet and took Dotty and the two first babies ouf the cage and placed her in the big birthing cage instead.
But Dotty was not happy, she insisted to have the 2 siamese boys with her, and of course Ziva too.
So yes, this was really a birth I will remember all my life.
I gave her Ziva, but took away the siamese boys, so while the babies kept comming, Ziva helped With some cleaning, and opened her milkbar until the birth was over - a great teamwork,

After the birth was over, I moved Dotty and her babies in to my guestroom where she stayed the first week.

The next week I moved them together again ,because Ziva and Dotty missed eachother so much.
After that they have shared the babies. Dotty take most care of her babies, but she aloud Ziva too.
The siamese boys don't mind having an extra mommy with cream in her milkbar and little "siblings" to wrestle with.
Ziva are so in love with little oriental babies, so both the mothers are so pleased with this dessision.


In the very early Fall Fantasy was calling, and we wanted to see if Tiger was interested, but we asumed he wasn't.
And yes, there were no interests in mating Fantasy.
We booked a appointment with one of our city Vets, to have Tiger neutred.
He was over 4 years old, and every time he had a girl in heat infront of him, he just looked the other way. It was a hard dessision, but enough was enough.
Tiger went Down to his appoinment, and the Vet looked at him.
But she didn't want to neuter him.
Tiger has never been sick, is super healthy, but he love  food and is very fat.The suprelorin chips has not helped him loosing weight either during the years.  The Vet did not like the tought of putting Tiger in anesthesia.

I was a at work, and did not know anything, when me and Carolynn spoke later that day on the phone.

Tiger was put on another Suprelorin Chip, so then we could waited a year, and see if he was interested in girls again.
"Yey" same old story, so much to look forward too....

It has been some time since that Vet visit, and then Dotty came home to Carolynn with her full heat.
Tiger who has not been interested in any girls in the past, never-ever!! Only humping on the boys he lives with. 
Well, he was almost neutred, so he wanted to do a prank with us all, and he mated Dotty!!
We were all in chock, what did just happened???

As the weeks went by, we saw clearly that he had mated with success.
And Carolynn had to tell Krista what had happened.

We are so greatful for this very ooops litter, and we are greatful for who the breeder of the mother is.

Tiger became a daddy for his very first time, almost 5 years old!!!
And he couldn't picked a better mother for their babies. Dotty is a super mom!


I will make 3 w pics of the babies tomorrow, and also 6w pics of the siamese twins.
But I did make some pics of the smallest some days ago.
They are all so beautiful.
Some looks more like daddy, some like mommy. Some a good mix of them both.


Our little beauties 15 days old.

With all this we wish you all the best for New Year  2017 !!

December 26, 2016

Merry Christmas

 Merry Christmas.

Me and Carolynn  had some cosy days together, the cats and dogs love all the extra attention and that there are People around them all the time.
Ainur was also With us celebrating, and he is such a sweet boy.

It has been little time to make New kitten-pics this time. I have been working and then had guests.
They are so buisy doing naughtiness had has so many ants in their feet that they are hardly sitting still beside when they are eating or sleeping anyway :
They have grown a little bigger but are the same beautiful sweethearts.
And such clever boys !! Using their little baby-toilets from the second day.

We have actually another litter too in Our house , some beautiful oriental babies With amazing Clear pattern. They are 2 w old and very big. Their mama got cream in her milkbar !
The litter stayed alone With their mommy the first week, but after they were together With Ziva and her twins.  So now they are together again and love it.  They are one big happy Family With lots of love to give the bunch.

In January we will Write a very special story and of course update With new pics if the kittens agrees ;-)
We have no avalible kittens right now, but if you are looking for a pet cat, send us an email, preferly in Norway.

I will Return to the sofa With my dogs and watch another Christmas movie on TV

PS : My New PC is making tricks With me  - big letters suddenly comes when I'm  writing :-D

December 21, 2016

Our beloved Kichiro - the gift from heaven.

Kichiro was our little survivor - after loosing all his siblings last Summer right after birth.
From the very first start he was a fighter. He was bottle feed extra , so we had a very special relationship with him.

Sometime while he was becomming a youth he got an heavy infection, it was treated and became well again - for some time , but it kept coming back.
We ran alot of tests on him, and he got more rounds with different treatments.
It was the 5th Vet who found out his real problem, what caused the infection that was back again sooner than we could blink.
He looked back on earlier tests and put 2 and 2 together. This could be fixed!
We were so happy.
Kichiro had actually too long teeth roots that was growing up in his sinuses.

Yesterday he was put under anesthesia,to remove his molars but he sadly never woke up again.

We are anyway greatful that we got to know him. He was a big sunshine from the very first day, and became friends with everyone he met on his time on earth.

We will all miss him dearly. Rest in peace.

December 18, 2016

4 weeks old sweethearts.

Another week older - and alot has happened the last week.

I had to go down in my basement to find the smallest kitten-run, because the boys had suddenly alot of energy, and a big bedroom is not so kitten-friendly for little babies.
It is actually a rabbit-run, so not so high.  Everything was great a couple of days, and mommy-Ziva was happy to have a safe place for them.
Both the boys are so active - they are acting like they are 1-2 w older in many cases.
That happend during this week as well.

The most wonderful thing the kittens know about is snuggling in my bed. They are crying loud if they hear me, and get so upset if I am not there to pick them up in just that second.
So of course we spend alot of time in my bed. Alot of kissing and they are running and jumping and are so happy. Ziva too - when they are tired she is laying in my arms feeding her boys.

One evening when it was time to put them back in the little run, I asked Ziva if she wanted to go out of my bedroom to stretch her legs a bit. Ziva was pleased and I opened the door.
Klonk! Mjaoooooo!! I turned around, and who had jumped over my little kittenrun? No other than little Mr Saturday. Both are so social, but he is the worst houdini ever.
I was just looking at him, then looking to the run . OMG , they are 3 w old and already climbing over!! I'd put him back, but he climbed over again. Purr purr purr, can I come too?
This run is always kitten-safe until they are at least 5 w old.
There were no other choises than go find my other big kitten-run in plexi.
So now are the kittens 100 % safe, and can not go outside it unless we come and pick those sweethearts out of it.

The bluepointed is trying to eat up little toys, and go sniffing on the water and food a little. The sealpointed are not interested unless there is a kiss involved.

Here are todays 4 w old pics.
"Saturday" is the smallest, but the most active, and since last week, he is still not photogenic like his brother. He can hardly not sit still either, so maybe it will be a nicer pic of him when he gets older?
In my little movies on FB you can see his type much better. Different from his brother, yes , but I love him.
PS : "Saturday" has been dancing in the waterbowl right before this pics were taken!

Saturday :

"Sunday" :

Together :

Next weekend it is Christmas.
This year I will have visit of Carolynn and the kids. It will be so cosy!!
Me and Carolynn has been so nice all this year, so Santa has some very special for us.
Maybe we will show it for you as well ;-)

A little bonus in the end.
Cookie is sleeping in my bed from time to time, so she has been watching the twins often.
Today they had a very short first time hello.
They will stay in my bedroom until January, but after that they will get to know Jesse and the other cats as well.
Auntie Cookie was nothing to be afraid of - love at first sight! Think it went the other way too.

December 13, 2016

3 w old - counting down for Christmas

Another week has left us - and Ziva and Charlie's babies are one week older.
They are so adorable and funny - such big personalities already.

We have always good temper on our kittens, but there are also difference between them, as they got all individual personalites.
But this time , with those two twin brothers - they are something extra!!
So human oriented - they have been courius on us since they opened their eyes.
And now , 3 w old - they just love to be picked up, and they want to be with a human all the time unless they are sleeping or eating.If they not get their will - they let us know!
I asked  Charlie's breeder the other day about how Charlie was as a kitten.
Because  the sealpointed who look very much like their mother is extremly social and have real "horse power" in his feet :D
The blue pointed is a bit calmer, but just as sweet. This was the answer I got :D : "  Charlie was a little rascal" !
So we have to blame the father on the activity on one of them hi hi. The bluepointed look so innocent, but he is not far behind on charming naughtiness like his brother, but maybe he got a calm-gene from his mother ;-)

And here are the 3w pictures. It was not easy ,because they has other plans at that moment.


"Sunday : 

Together :

We have had so many people who were interested in a kitten after this combination before the kittens was born.
Sadly we couldn't please so many, since there were only born two.
Both the boys has future homes.
But me and Carolynn talked together tonight, and has decidet to make the combination one more time after the kittens are 3month old. So hopefully there will be a kitten for some of you who are willing to wait a little bit longer.

Christmas is comming ......

The days in December runs faster than the wind - it sure feels like it.
This year I decidet to have a Christmas tree. Orginally I had decidet not too, because we have always whild youngsters.
This year it is White Cover. She got her extremly naughtiness from her mother Nikita - who got it from her Auntie Emma. ( Hidalgo's sister).
But one day me and Carolynn went shopping , "my tree" was just infront of me. The store just forgot to put my name on it! :D
It is a fake black tree - how cool!
It was the last one in store, and they were so sweet that they let me buy it.

I'd put it up as soon as I came home, did also put led light on it - so the cats could get used to it.
They did not make any big eyes or paws on it, so it was just lightening up my livingroom.

A week later I opened the boxes with red Christmas Ornaments. Then they suddenly saw the Christmas tree with new eyes....

But belive it or not, White Cover did not break any of them, we have another naughty youngster in our house who is even more naughty than White Cover.

That naughty one looks very innocent , and he tried to look confused and said to me he tought it was red tennisballs!!

So now are all the red ornaments gone in the bottom of the tree - how strange hmm....
Maybe I will go buy some new one, but don't put them on before  the 23th of Dec.

This was all for now - but in a little week there will hopefully be a new update.

December 4, 2016

Our very frist CFA siamese babies are finally here.

After the last kittens were born this Spring it is nice to have little babies again in our bedroom.
It has been ages since there were only pointed on their way, and to make it even more special - first time ever pure CFA siamese babies.
The proud parents, Charlie and Ziva made a fab work.
We did expect the babies to arrive around 18th of November. Then Ziva was on day 65.
Ziva is not a big girl and she is super elegant. As she started growing, I was actually not sure what to expect. She grew slowly. The last weeks her belly started to look very pregnant,and I was guessing about 3babies, maybe 4 - because she'd carry her belly the same on both left and right side.

And finally the waiting was over. Carolynn came visiting to look after Ziva while I was at work.
I said to Ziva for fun - keep the babies in there until I come home from work - I want to be there too, to welcome the newbies.
Ziva took my wish very serious and didn't give birth to the first baby before it was in the middle of the night.
Then a beautiful big boy was born.
We knew there were more in her belly, but Ziva has not more plans to have more babies.
So I went to sleep, and Carolynn went to my bed with one eye open.

The next day nothing happened. Ziva was very happy for her baby.  In the middle of the day I had to go to my workshift and was crossing fingers so hard, that I might was lucky to be there when the next baby/babies arrived too.

And yes. I came home from work, and the situation was still the same.
Ziva has such an calm personality, stress is nothing that she knows about.
In the middle of the night again , 24 h after the first kitten was born and there were still no sight on more babies, I got a little stressed.
But then..... almost 30h after the first born came, she started to push again.
And a good time later another beautiful big baby boy was born.

Both boys weight 110g each. Big, but not too big if you mate to European siamese or oriental cats.
But the American lines has often smaller weights at birth.
So then one was born on Saturday and the other boy on Sunday.

I was just a bit tired when I had to rush for work later that Sunday , with 2h of sleep.

At the moment we have no special names on them , we just call them Saturday and Sunday.
Saturday looks like a beautiful sealpointed and Sunday a beautiful bluepointed.

1 week old :

2 weeks old :

Ziva is an exellent mommy. Lots of milk and lots of love for her twins.
The boys have very sweet personalities allready , so every little step of their social development is just a joy.
Both their parents has wonderful super-purring personalites.

Both the babies are sold.