September 19, 2019

Kittens 8 w old - our keeper has been chosen.

Some very few weeks ago I had newborn kittens in my bedroom.
Little babies who stayed in the birthbox, eating and sleeping.
Now they are running " high and low", and want to be everywhere.

But for their own safety, it is enough space to have the kitchen and half the livingroom.
They have also alot of fun with a bigger climbing tree, so we had to make a safe landing spot if they sometimes fells down.
Everyone was happy for a  "new" bed .
And I hope and think there is nothing dangerous around them now.

I have actually not made so many pictures during last week of the cats.
But the naughty happy gang had alot of fun last night, having a new box to play with.
I made a little video.

We have finally decidet who our keeper will be this time.
It has not been easy.
I ( Veena) want so badly to make my own solid siamese with white one day. But every time we make a "white" breeding, everytime we only get orientals :D  But this time we have used a siamese as  father, so the next generation should have better chance to produce my long lasted dream with the right combinations.
Since the future dream is a solid "*SYS*, we did not want to keep a girl with pattern this time.
And then there were left 2 blacktorties with white. 2 very different girls with different qualitees and type.
The combination has never been done before, we don't know the lines .
Maybe we will pick the girl that will not be best in type, or maby it will be the oposite when they are all grown up. I still think Ocean Tide will have much more of the elegance.
But in the end the pedigree is the same for our breeding programme, and the personality has to fit in , into my furry family.

Our colourful keeper will be Water Lily this time. She is so happy go lucky.
I don't think we will regret our choice.
She looks much like her mother, Geisha Girl when she was around the same age. Geisha was nothing wow as a  kitten herself, but she is a very delicate and beautiful young lady today.

Here are the 8 w  pictures.
Taken today.

These 2 girls are for sale :

Aqua Dream - OSH g 03 24
Sea Sparkle - OSH f 03 24

Their brother is reserved to a wonderful pet home :

Ocean Tide is reserved for show and breeding :

Our supercharmer - Neptune - is reserved together with a black halfbrother, living in a friend cattery. Will also be a happy pet.

And our keeper , Water Lily :

September 13, 2019

Life in our Cattery must go on.

We have had some very hard weeks in our Cattery.
Therfor I felt no joy making weekly pictures and make any update about the kittens.

We have lost our beautiful little girl, Glitter Wave.
I manage to make 5 week picture of her, and then few days later we lost her.

She grew normally the 3 first weeks, after that it hung up somehow.
In my deepest I had not high hope, but still I was hoping anyway for a little miracle. She was my favorite little girl since she was 1 day old.
Glitter Wave suffored from intussusception .

Rest in peace our beautiful furry angel girl.

And if that wasn't enough...... the week after our dearest Raspberry was expecting her babies.
She started to giving birth in the start of a weekend. It took time, but eventually the first baby was born.
A stillborn black boy.
OK, that can happened, now the birth had started and the rest were very welcome in to the world.
Just to make this awful story very short.
Raspberry needet help. We have not had many C-sections in our Cattery, but this time it was needet.
But it was weekend, and noone of the big Vet-kliniqs wanted to help us in Kristiansand!! Some did not answering the phone, and others was said they were afraid of this case!! Yes, you read it right.
Many hours later a fantastic kliniq in Arendal said come to us!!
It was a 3h  drive at least.
 Raspberry got her C-section, but her other 4 babies were now dead :-(  She had to be spayed, her utereus was totally broken up after the first 24 h.
The next week, Raspberry had to fight for her life!! But her future looks much better now.
Carolynn will probaly write the whole story on FB later.

Breeding are ups and downs, but this happening with Raspberry was unnecessary. We are so greatful for those amazing Vets that helped us, and to use a  nicer word ...  very dissapointed on them that did not bother to help and animal in pain, fighting for her life!

But enough of the sadness.

Geishas kittens and her fosterbaby are now 7 w old.
They are now running around in the kitchen and half the livingroom, enjoing life to the fullest.
Everyone of eating solid food, still only raw and wet.

We have decidet this time to keep a solid coloured girl in the breeding programme.
Ocean Tide,Water Lily or Aqua Dream....... hmm. Not an easy dessision, because all 3 have good qualitees.
But yesterday, I saw that Aqua Dream is not solid, no no , she has spots!! I was a bit unsure many weeks ago, but then I have not thought so much about it.
But she is blue, and even colour should not matter that much , blue is not our favorite colour nr 1 :D

So now we have 2 girls to choose between.
1 of them is looking very special and promising in type, the other is full of charm and has crawled in to Veenas heart. A very mean thing of a kitten to do ;-))

Eventually we will choose one of them.

So Aqua Dream and Sea Sparkle will not stay with us.

Here are the 7w- pictures.

And our big littler charmer, Neptune  , who prefer to sit in a lap and not infront of any camera.
"Action lady, I need action and thons of couddle!!"

Have a nice weekend.