February 7, 2016

Puppy-sweetheart , Jesse James and some plans.

He is home!! Cookie's little fluffy brother, our new familymember.
I picked him up in the breeders home a week ago.
He is such a naughty sweetheart and we love him so much.
His name is Rallarbo Jesse James, a longhaird German Shepherd.

Cookie love her new little brother very much. They are only 7  month apart in age, but within the last week, Cookie has change alot. She has grown so much and is a super fantastic big sister. So patient with him. Cookie is just one very special dog.
And me, I feel so blessed to have them in my life.  If you ever consider a GSD in your life, with great temper from the sweetest breeders I know of, I highly recomand Kennel Rallarbo.

I have already made lots of pictures of him, and even my blog is mostly for the cats and our cattery, we will sneak in some GSD's pics once in a while.

Jesse has already found a favorite kitty. Mercy looking forward for Springtime, then Jesse can get most of the energy out outside. She prefer kitty-kisses ;-) 

Tired and soooo adorable!

Cookie has a tiny little micro friend. He has been on visit and all of them had a great time.
After 2 h with lots of fun, little Jesse went to dreamland in the waterfountain :-))

We have some news about the cats as well.

Sushi and Gabriel has been on very romantic visits here, so we are crossing fingers very hard now.
If they succed , we will have kittens later this Spring.

Tia is mated with Sushi - a mating we choose for a  totally outcross, and also because Tia don't have the best eyecolour. Tia has develped in to a very big and elegant lady. She just need an oposite with better profile and better eyecolour.
So in this litter we will only get pointed and/or solid OSH.

Fantasy is mated with Gabriel, and I hope as always for colours in chocolate. Fantasy is a small lady, but Gabriel is big. Both have beautiful green eyes.
In this litter we will get possible white babies , OSH or SIA w, bicolours or SYS and SIA/OSH with or without pattern.

With Tia and Sushi we think the type will be more of the CFA breeding standard.
With Fantasy and Gabriel more of the Fife`breeding standard.
Anyway , exiting combinations for our further breeding programme.

Tia - picture taken while she had visit of Sushi :