August 24, 2014

Visiting Tia and a new home for Fire and Ice

Today we drove a trip to Stavanger to visit Tia - one of our girls from the November litter between Hidalgo and Ozzie.
It was a joy to see her again. She has grown in to a very big and elegant girl with a shiny coat.
Very much alike her daddy in looks and many of the funny facs from her mommy.
Tia is now 10 month old ,so we have made early plans for her.
Sonny is visiting Tia now, and when she is calling we will see how it goes - it will be very exiting.
I love torties very much - so we are of course hoping for alot of girls ;-)

Tia was not so very impressed about Sonny, but I am sure she will change her mind when she starts to call.

Fire and Ice - our little red bico boy from April moved also today.
Exiting and happy new girlfriends as you can see.
He did also take a bath in the toilet -  it must be a first time for everything.... so then he had his first bath in the sink after to get all clean again :-)

Not so much to tell this time - but we will update our blog again when (N) Attack's ICandy has moved to his new home.

August 9, 2014


I have had a great little holiday. 2 weeks spended in Sweden,Denmark and home.
We are planning some more holiday during September as well.

Just a little update about "Happy" first.
Hidalgo and Diva's bluespotted boy who moved home again to us after some very few days in a new home is well sattle in his new home in Bergen.
He is a very lucky boy who has a wonderful home together with my friend Mette and her family.
His new big brother is  named Rex and is a happy puppy. He has also a 4 year old human brother so he will have many good playmates.

We did not take so many pictures, but enough to fill the blog ;-)

In Gothenburg we eat a wonderful Persian meal of lamb. I think it is some of the best I have tasted for a very long time. I know for sure we will visit the little restaurant again another time.

In Sweden we did deliver our little big (N) Attack's Prince of Norway.
He is now living in a super home with parents who loves him dearly. He had some days alone in is new home. But few days after he got a little girlfriend and they went best friends very shortly after.
I wish them all the best and are looking forwards for updates :-)

We slept in a very cosy hotel. It was an old barn who was rebuild as a hotell.
Very old style - very facinating.

Carolynns car are just fabulous - a distance is never too long for that car :-))
So we drove about 250 one way to visit Millas breeder.
We had not much time, but we enjoyed every minute.
It was so nice to see Yvonne again, and a pleasure to say hallo to her husband. I hope there will be time to see eachother again soon either in Sweden or in Norway.
One of Hidalgo's daughters has moved to them, and she did welcome us when we stepped our feets in to the livingroom. Kajsa, a purring happy sweetheart has she always has been.

Yvonne got a very special cat in her home, one I have loved since she was a little baby herself.
And finally I got the chance to see her in real life.
S*Cross-Bow Crest Femme Fatal - Millas beautiful mother.
My conclution is that Milla and Femme is very much alike - in personality was well.

After some coffee and cake we went outside on the porch.
Then Kajsa and her partner in crime, Nisse,  decidet to have their one party :D

We drove back again to the hotell later that evening.
Carolynn has a very funny GPS system, and the lady voice on the GPS is very very irritating. We think she must be a tortie, at least a wannabe :D

Beside the wonderful dinner in Gothenburg we found out there is not much to choose from, when we are driving on the highway.
In Sweden there is plenty of Burger Kings and Mc Donald's. Yuch!
After this trip it will be a very very long time until we will eat something similar again .

We were also very lucky with the weather.
Here are some few picture while we are waiting for the boat between Strømstad and Sandefjord on our way home :

After some few days home we decidet to take a trip to Denmark as well.
What did we do there? Shopping and some relaxing days.

I came home with lots of stuff for my son and the cats and a few gifts, so I think everyone was satisfied.
6 new beds for the cats, a water fountain, lots of wet food and toys.

And while we were in Denmark we were sudden in Hollywood at the same time.

Me and Carolynn had great fun in "Jomfru Anes Gade" who did remind me of Ibiza when I was younger :D

We slept on a hotel that reminded me of the 80'ies, with the phone, carpets and the elevator. I think I will never forget it.
And we eat lovely food in the evenings - no more fast food.

It is nice to see different places, but it is always good to come home again as well to all my sweethearts.

The activity in our cattery is on hold right now - beside a bunch of naughty kittens who shall grow up.
We have plans for Misty and Tia - but more about it later. I need to get a new picture of her soon, if not I will go visit her with my camera myself .

In end of August we will have visit of (N) Attack's Icandy's new owner - something we are very much looking forwards too.
Then I will have some new great updates for the blog :-) And we have a huge surprise for those days :-))