December 29, 2010

7 weeks old

Finally the extreme cold weather has taken a little break. So today the kittens was with me outside for a very short time to be Winther models:-)
Now they have the the 1.floor to run and play on,and they love it.
Few days ago I woke up with the kittens in my bed. They had a lovly time,but they was not suppose to be there. But since it was so cold, Maiden tought a warm bed was more cosy than the cold 1.floor, until I woke up and got some more wood to my fireplace.
So, yes, siamese are highly inteligent:-)

Those blue little monsters are more and more active day by day. And beside their genes, they have bigsister and Pearl to learn them how to not behave...
Please Please me and Revolution are the wildest,but the 3 others are for sure not any angels either - I am amazed over that my curtains still are left alone:-)

I am thinking about keeping 2 girls in the litter,but have not quite decide it yet.
But Revolution has run in to my heart,and is very similar to her mother,both on insde and outside.
So maby maby...time will tell.

Lets start with those 2 who are looking for a nice future home.


Sexy Sadie

And the rest of the siblings :


Penny Lane

Please Please Me

December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

Today my kittens can celebrate their 6.week.
Usually I make pictures every week.but after 2 hours trying my very best, I gave up.
Their mother was a very active baby,together with her sisters,and her babies again have the same spirit of life :-)
So I gave them some boiled chicken instead,and then they had time to lay still for quite a while.

At the same time I want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and all the best for the new year.

December 16, 2010

5 weeks old

Today the kittens are 5 weeks old.
They are very active and so charming,they charm everyone they meet.
The purring little monsters will soon enter my half part of the livingroom,and I think they will be very happy for that.
Until now they have the kitchen to walk on. The toilet training went like a dream,and they love to eat many sort of  food as well.

5 weeks of age is the worst age in many ways. They do not look like the elegant siamesis they are,and  they have so many other things to do,than sitting still infront of the camera.
I tried and did my very best,and here are the days result.


Penny Lane

Please Please Me


Sexy Sadie

December 6, 2010

Early 4 weeks shoots

The kittens are growing and are developing very nice. Last weekend they moved down in the kitchen and Maiden is very satisfied with that.
Since I prefer to make my photoes outdoors...and since it is too cold to take the kittens outside, I need to depend on the early morning sun to try to get some ok pictures without the red blitz eyes.
Today it was such morning :-)

I have decidet who I will keep from this litter now. If it was up to my heart,I would not sell any of them. This kittens are heartbreakers all 5 of them.
The whole litter is still option,but some of the kittens will be avalible later...maby.


Sexy Sadie

Penny Lane


Please Please Me

December 1, 2010

3 weeks( 20 days) old

The kittens are growing and are so adorable. My little micro boy Oh! Darling has grown alot too. He has never been bottlefeed,but still he loves humans more than his siblings. He is such a sweetheart.

Pointed kittens is not my favo to make pictures of,but here they are :

Please Please Me

Oh! Darling


Penny Lane

Sexy Sadie

November 26, 2010

The first single-pictures of my "Beatles" litter

This litter is half American on both sides of the pedigree,and I am very exited to follow the developing of this litter. Both parents has amazing eyecolor,very elegant and have super temperament.
Father to this litter is Shagio-Chen Moon Sparkle SYS e, a very laidback and sweet boy.
Mother is my precious (N)Attack's Maidens Blush SIA a who are extremly talkactive and a purring little monster I am proud to have breed in the past.
The pedigree of the litter will be published later,when my internet at home is working again.

The kittens was born in under 1 hour,and Maiden has proven to be a exellent mother. She loves her babies dearly and have her milkbar open for them 24/7.
The boys are the smallest in the litter,but is growing very well.
I think there is only one kitten that at the moment that have a more similar personality from their father,the rest are like their mother. But of course that can change.
4 out of 5 kittens have much to talk about allready:-)

The boys 13 days old :


Please Please Me

The girls 13 days old:

Sexy Sadie


Penny Lane

November 16, 2010

Moving soon

Soon will 3 of my sweethearts move,and I will miss them dearly.
Maby this will be the last group pictures of all of them together.
I wish them good luck everyone in their new homes.

November 10, 2010

One of my worst days in my life

An angel came by,just to kiss me good bye.
I had only known you less than a month, but
you left a big pawprint in my heart,and I miss you so much.
♥ You will allways stay alive in my heart,my big love. ♥
RIP Leah, my soulmate.
...9.7.10 - 7.11.10

 See You On The Other Side

[O.Osbourne - L.Kilmister - Z.Wylde]

Voices, A Thousand, Thousand Voices
Whispering, The Time Has Passed For Choices
Golden Days Are Passing Over, Yeah

I Can't Seen To See You Baby
Although My Eyes Are Open Wide
But I Know I'll See You Once More

When I See You, I'll See You On The Other Side
Yes, I'll See You, I'll See You On The Other Side

Leaving, I Hate To See You Cry
Grieving, I Hate To Say Goodbye
Dust And Ash Forever, Yeah

Though I Know We Must Be Parted
As Sure As Stars Are In The Sky
I'm Gonna See You When It Comes To Glory

And I'll See You, I'll See You On The Other Side
Yes, I'll See You, I'll See You On The Other Side

Never Thought I'd Feel Like This
Strange To Be Alone, Yeah
But We'll Be Together
Carved In Stone, Carved In Stone, Carved In Stone

Hold Me, Hold Me Tight I'm Falling
Far Away, Distant Voices Calling
I'm So Cold, I Need You Darling, Yeah

I Was Down, But Now I'm Flying
Straight Across The Great Divide
I Know You're Crying, But I'll Stop You Crying

When I See You I See You On The Other Side
Yes, I'll See You, See You On The Other Side
I'm Gonna See You, See You On The Other Side
God Knows I'll See You, See You On The Other Side, Yeah

I'll See You, See You On The Other Side
I'm Gonna See You, See You On The Other Side
God Knows I'll See You, See You On The Other Side, Yeah
I Wanna See You, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, See You On The Other Side
God Knows I'll See You, See You On The Other Side

November 6, 2010

12 weeks old

This will be the last pictures of this litter together on my blog.
They turned 12 weeks old yesterday.
It has been 12 fun and charming weeks together with them. It was very noticable with 3 boys and 1 girl running around our feets all this weeks.
I am so happy that the whole litter will have such nice eye color.

First the 2 boys that will leave for their new homes in end of November.
Urban Gothic and Moonlight.

Charmed and their sister Devils Daughter :

October 31, 2010

11 weeks old

I did get time for some photoes after all. But it is getting harder every week.They have so much else to do,than sit still:-)
Urban has grown alot the last week,and are soon as big as the siamese brothers.

Urban and Moonlight will move to their new homes in few weeks,and they will live in the same town.
I am so happy that both of them will have so nice homes. That is very important for me.

Urban Gothic
Devils Daughter

The pictures will go in that order :

October 27, 2010

Close to Halloween and 11 weeks old

In Norway we do not celebrate Halloween in the same way like they do in USA.
But we have a pumkin, and we have Leah.
My sister made that pumkin to me many years ago.
Leah looks like she has eaten all the treats long before the celebration even starts:-))

I will not be able to make 11 weeks pictures of the kittens,so I will publish some others close to the date .

Moonlight is so charming with his kink,and he is for sure a boy. He plays very rough and can't wait for any snacks to come on a plate on the floor. So he is very fast to climb up my pants.
He has developed very nice points and his eyes are wonderful dark blue. And the best : he loves to snuggle under a blanket with anyone.

Then it is Urban Gothic. He has his thing for some certain toys,and he tells us loud and clear. He has made us laugh alot of times for that. But all in all he is a very sweet boy. Urban was the smallest in the litter for a very long time,so he is a little stubborn. There is one big favo spot in our home,when there is hot by the fireplace,we know where to find him.

And the only girl in the litter, Devils Daughter. She is colorful both on her outside and her inside. And is so much alike her mother,Hagia in many ways. Since she has grown up with 3 brothers and bigsister,Pearl she do not have girly-attitude. And if we or other guest miss any food we know who has stolen it....just go after the sound of  *grrrrr mine mine nomnomnom*.

And our other sealpointed boy , Charmed.
He is a wild boy,who loves to play with the big boys. He also loves human feets,much more than we like his teeth:-) He will stay here in our future breeding program - at least for a while.

October 20, 2010

10 weeks old

10 weeks old in 2 days.
They got their first vaccine today and everything went very well.

Urban Gothic


And my future hope, Charmed :

And their sister Devils Daughter: