December 29, 2010

7 weeks old

Finally the extreme cold weather has taken a little break. So today the kittens was with me outside for a very short time to be Winther models:-)
Now they have the the 1.floor to run and play on,and they love it.
Few days ago I woke up with the kittens in my bed. They had a lovly time,but they was not suppose to be there. But since it was so cold, Maiden tought a warm bed was more cosy than the cold 1.floor, until I woke up and got some more wood to my fireplace.
So, yes, siamese are highly inteligent:-)

Those blue little monsters are more and more active day by day. And beside their genes, they have bigsister and Pearl to learn them how to not behave...
Please Please me and Revolution are the wildest,but the 3 others are for sure not any angels either - I am amazed over that my curtains still are left alone:-)

I am thinking about keeping 2 girls in the litter,but have not quite decide it yet.
But Revolution has run in to my heart,and is very similar to her mother,both on insde and outside.
So maby maby...time will tell.

Lets start with those 2 who are looking for a nice future home.


Sexy Sadie

And the rest of the siblings :


Penny Lane

Please Please Me