April 28, 2012

A new little boy

It has been a while since I did update my blogg.
I want to introduce a new little boy, a very special boy.
His name is (N)Attack's Heaven Can Wait.
Parents are : Disco Dancer OSH d(24) and S*Cross-Bow Crest Hotlips "Milla" OSH b24

Normally I choose themes for my litters,but this little boy has a very special story.

He saw the day light together with 5 healthy siblings in end of March-12. We were so happy,because the kittens had all the 4 colours. It looked like a rainbow-nest in the birthbox.
Black,blue,chocolate and lilac, and 5 out of 6 with pattern. And all them so beautiful.
Breeding is full of surprices,and this time our joy went to sorrow and pain in 2 days.

When the kittens was 2 days old, Milla got ill, so terrible ill.
3 of her babies became angels in very short time. I did not want to loose any of them,but my biggest fear was to loose Milla.

To make her story short, she got a terrible breast infection,so her milk got poisoned,and therfor her babies also died.
We rushed in to the Vet. kliniq with Milla and her 3 remaining babies.
Milla is a strong fighteter,but she should allready been dead, with her body full of blood posioning.. She is my everything,and at this point she was the most important for me,even I wanted to have them all 4 alive.

After a week with fighting, it endet with  removing the infected breast,and then Milla did speed up the recovery very very fast. I will allways be greatful for those who helped her,especially a wonderful special friend.

By this week, we lost baby nr 4. He was not either strong enough after the heavy infection.
The two last one, a baby girl and a baby boy found a loving fosterhome with a wonderful Birmaen mommy with 3 babies.
Sadly the little girl found her way to heaven after just a couple of days.
It was a sad time for the wonderful people in the fosterhome too,and I had stop beliving it could be a happy ending out of it.
With such a hard week, with one sad experience after another, it broke me down.

A picture of my little boy before him and his sister moved to the fosterhome:

But Milla did not want to leave me and the same goes to her wonderful little fighter of a son, so now 5 w later Milla is back to normal and her little baby-boy is a healthy little charmer.
We have decidet to call him "Tiger" by his home name and here he is together with his more furry siblings :

He is living in Stavanger, 2-3h away from us. Yesterday I visit him and it was so incredable good to see him again.
A visit of almost 3h went too fast,but I went happy home again, after had the chance to see them all. All the kittens was so charming and the mother,well she i the mother of  the year!!

I made of course some single pictures of little Tiger too. He is just purfect. So strong,so happy,very naughty. He got so much from Milla, and the most important thing, he is a fighter like her.
Tiger will of course stay for our future breeding. But his first year of living, he will be a very very spoiled boy.

There has been so many who supported me when it was on the most critical, so that thanks goes so many of you who will be reading this story,
But I will be forever greatful and send my special thanks to Anne-Lise and Sigrid in Stavanger, for my friend Carolynn and Millas breeder, Yvonne. From the bottom of my heart!!