April 27, 2014

Oldest litter soon 6 weeks - youngest soon 2 weeks old.

Today I have made photoes of all our 11 kittens.
I will try to update with both my litters every week. The quality of the pictures depends on the weather. But it is so much easier now with the Spring.

The oldest litter did not want to stay i their toilet training area. That was boring. So one day, they just decided to climb over.
I thought they were a bit too young to run in the whole kitchen - but they are all of them very clever.
I have just cleaned pee outside their toilets 2 times.
After that there has not been any accidents.
They are very happy to have a bigger space  to run at. In a week or so, we can try to give them the smallest livingroom was well.

The siamese babies are lilac-chocolate-lilac etc. They looks lilac in real but chocolate on some of the pictures. We hope to have visit of a breeder friend to take a look at them during May.

All of oldest babies are spoken for now - but as long as they are not reserved you can always contact us. Two of the babies will get reserved during the next week to wonderful future homes  . maybe even a third kitten.

The girls :

Juicy Couture 


Victoria's Secret

The boys :



Jimmy Choo

The youngest litter will be 2 w old after the weekend.
Ozzie is a fantastic mommy. Very loving and also very relaxed. She is living with her babies in the livingroom.
The 3 boys are vey talkactive and demanding - and so adorable sweet. They are a bit bigger than their sisters.
The smallest tortie who was only 64-65 gram at birth is so strong. She is gaining weight and if she find a very tasty nipple in the milkbar she fights for it. And noone is messing with a tortie - and the boys got 2 of them near them ;-)

The blackspotted bico boy has a bit damage on one of his eyes, but I hope it will be ok again soon.
Lots of sharp claws fighting in the milkbar can be dangerous for those eyes.
I have decidet to show him as well - he is so beautiful.

We have ordered new test kits from Australia, so soon they will get their PRA test - so we know who is N/N and if any are carriers.

Dinky and Ozzie's babies will have names after coctails 
Prince of Norway OSH n 03 24
Sunrise Crush OSH d 03 22?
Cupid's Cocktail OSH f 03 24
Fire and Ice OSH d 03 24
Flame of Love OSH f 03 24

The girls :

Flame of Love

Cupid's Coctail

The boys :

Fire and Ice

Sunrise Crush

Prince of Norway

If the weather continue with the good temperatures the oldest kittens will visit my parents garden for some outdoor pictures next time.

April 21, 2014

5 weeks old charmers

The Easter is soon at its end, and it has been some lovely days.
Sunny weather, good friends and happy cats and kittens. 

Everything is super with both our litters.
In the oldest litter 2 of the kittens has started to eat a little, but the rest of them has enough with Divas cream bar.
If Diva was a human she coud easy delivered milk at hosptials! I have had many good catmothers, but she is the new record when it comes to the milk producing.
They are all huge, between 650-700 gram. A very nice size. They remind me of something else than elegant adult sia and osh :-))

The oldest litter has also moved in to the kitchen were they are in toilet training. It was a real mess the first days, but they learn very fast.
So maybe by the end of next week, they are free to run wherever they want in the kitchen with a litterbox in every corner ;-)

Our kittens are now old enough to look for their new homes, so if you are interested in any of them, don't hesitate to email us. We have some interests, but we have not made any decission.
Tell a bit about yourself - it's a good start. 

The smallest litter is 1 w old on Tuesday.
All of them are got strong lungs - no wonder with red and torties. The calmest is the blackspottet boy. Oh ,well, I am not sure about his pattern, he might be classic as well. Time will show.
I will make single pictures of them during this week.

Our wonderful Misty is also doing great.
It is not easy moving in to a new home as an adult with lots of mommy-hormones in the house.
Now are both Diva and Ozzie buisy with their babies, so she and Milla are my princess's who are sleeping with me - my 2 favorite "bed bugs".
We are hoping for little Misty babies during the Summer:-)

April 16, 2014

Easter babies are here

On the 15th of April our new arrivels wanted to come out.
Mommy "Ozzie" delivered her babies exactly on the same time as her first litter. Day 66.5  - in the middle of the night of course.

I had my wonderful co-owner as babysitter while I was working, but thankfully Ozzie waited for me to be with her as well. The babies was a bit smaller than her first litter - so the birth was easier for her.
I love bicolours, but every planned litter I have had in the past, only one of them who has been born, was with white.
This time it was different. I think the proud father, Dinky,  wanted it to be special, since he is a happy neuter now. So thank you  very much, Dinky ;-)
I think at least 4 of them got alot from their father. They are extremly long and elegant.

5 little babies was born.
We have 3 boys and 2 girls.

The 3 first weeks noone of the kittens are  for sale. So much can happens with the little once.
If everything goes well with all 5 of them - the red bicolour boys will be avalible later.

The boys :

Red spotted :

Red classic :

Black spotted :

The girls :

Black tortie spotted :

Black tortie spotted :

The girls are amazing with all their red. I love them!

April 4, 2014

3 weeks old on late Sunday.

Another week is with its end, and during Sunday night our babies will turn 3 weeks old.
I am so in love with everyone of them and they are changing alot day by day.
Diva has finally stoped beeing so overprotected, so now I am able to pick them of for a bit longer photoshoots and of course give them alot of kisses.

I am still amazed over Diva. She is so fantastic. Of course her body shows she has 6 milkbabies,but she is eating good and producing cream.
Her meals included alot of wetfood to keep up her super milkproduction. But if course she don't want to eat the food I think is best for her. So we are hiding nutri-gel in her wetfood, so she  gets extra calories. Beside she eats quality dry food.

We had had a buisy week.
I have also beeing with Hidalgo by train. He was a funny view for the other passangers with his diaper on.

We have also a funny update about Tia. She is superfriends with her 2 new little girls in her humanfamily. They loves to bath and so does she!! Yes, you did read it right.
A strange gene from Hidalgo ;-)

And our precious sweethearts.
The siameses are finally 100% tabby, but the colour was yesterday still lilac, but today it was chocolate. So maybe we will find it out next week?

We have soon their names ready, but we have to wait to see their personalites. We will run a theme again.

The girls.

The sia girl .

This girl looks at the moment most like her mommy, Diva , when she was a baby. A very feminin and girly baby.

And her lilac sister :

The boys.

Oh my, I am feeling a bit closer to my neuter cattery everyday. In all litters where there is born boys, they all run very fast in to my heart.

The bluespotted boy is so much alike his uncle Tiger :

The lilac :

And the siamese :

The lilac OSH boy is for sale.
As  showneuter in Norway ( or as pet if you like) or as a future stud in a small cattery outside of Norway.
The other babies are on option.