April 16, 2014

Easter babies are here

On the 15th of April our new arrivels wanted to come out.
Mommy "Ozzie" delivered her babies exactly on the same time as her first litter. Day 66.5  - in the middle of the night of course.

I had my wonderful co-owner as babysitter while I was working, but thankfully Ozzie waited for me to be with her as well. The babies was a bit smaller than her first litter - so the birth was easier for her.
I love bicolours, but every planned litter I have had in the past, only one of them who has been born, was with white.
This time it was different. I think the proud father, Dinky,  wanted it to be special, since he is a happy neuter now. So thank you  very much, Dinky ;-)
I think at least 4 of them got alot from their father. They are extremly long and elegant.

5 little babies was born.
We have 3 boys and 2 girls.

The 3 first weeks noone of the kittens are  for sale. So much can happens with the little once.
If everything goes well with all 5 of them - the red bicolour boys will be avalible later.

The boys :

Red spotted :

Red classic :

Black spotted :

The girls :

Black tortie spotted :

Black tortie spotted :

The girls are amazing with all their red. I love them!