December 25, 2018

My porch makeover

This Spring we decidet to do something about my windy porch.
We are so pleased with the result.

First it was like this :

We tried to make it cosy, but it dependet  each day, if it rained or was windy.
With the Norwegian weather it was a daily suprise.

Last day , and now all the furnitures was gone :

The plan was to get it ready during the Summer, but alot of trouble with the delivery ,we were sudden placed back in the waiting line sevreal of times. If we had knew , we would have ordered another place.
And this Summer it was really HOT from May until August. Thank goodness for my heating pump, that has air condition as well, so we all survived :-)
But those who are waiting.....

From the outside :

It is not fully isolated, but we can use it Spring-Summer-Fall . And in Winter time as well, with some heating on and a good jacket.
We are very happy for our new outdoor place, both 2 and 4-legged.

From the inside :

Later on we will will get much of the garden fenced in, and make a stair down so the dogs and cats can run freely in Summer time when we are home.

Now has all our Summer babies left to their new owners.
We get often updatedes from them, and it makes us so happy.

Rocktetman who moved first has grown alot! He will be a big boy when he reach his adult size.
He lives with a siamese boy named Milo, and our Fantasy.

I got this picture from Geisha Girl and Maisy.

Tuxedo was the third who left . He has found a new snuggle-bestie :

Dragonfly moved to a home with a 19 year old brother. The elderly brother had lived with a siamese for 16 years in the past and needet a new friend. Dragonly is the calmest of them all, so we hope Maximus is satisfied.

Then it was just  Firecracker left. She has now moved to San-Toi's in California. No new pictures of her yet, but we will write more about her next year.

We will update again soon. 

November 5, 2018

Lots of news !

I don't know where to start , there are so much happening in our Cattery at the moment.

Well, I can start with something very beautiful.
A beautiful girl , a chocolate pointed siamese lady - with pure CFA lines of course.
When Carolynn went over to bring home Fire and Raspberry, a friend went with her. To pick up a kitten for herself, and also to bring home our new girl.
She is very good friends with Raspberry, but it is enough to introduce 1 adult cat at the time.
So the siamese is staying with our friends a little bit longer. Don't know if she will come home on this side of the year, or Winter 2019.

Let me introduce GC San-Toi's Ordinary Miracle .

Thank you again, dear Dee and Connie.
I stole your picture, but you know you can take as many of our pictures when you want, so I hope it is ok :-)
I am so looking forward to see her, and get to know her.

We have also a future happy neuter to be in our home, and she is not going anyway after.
San'Toi's Runaround Sue , we call her " Ziva".

Ziva joined us as an adult, and has brought me so much joy. She was so easy to join my cat-crew, like she has always lived here ( with Veena).
After loosing "Milla" I was so sure it would take very long until I would be lucky ( if ever) to have such a sweet cat in my life again.
But Ziva is  just like her. So sweet and gentle to everyone, and has always extra love to give all kittens that are born in our home.
This fall did Ziva get seroius ill.
She got an huge infection in one of her glands,

Since she is soon 6 years old, I rather have a future happy neuter that will live hopefully for many years, than having more litters on her risking her anything more.
She is the perfect Auntie anyway, and don't need her uterus to give love and care around her.

Instead we will work on with her beautiful blue pointed daughter. Maybe mate her with a sealpointed in the future, and get a " new Ziva"for our breeding programme.

Ziva has a very very beautiful father, and his name is GC San-Toi's Tag you're it. And guess what!!
Raspberry went into season few days before she came back to Norway, and was mated with this beautiful siamese boy. He is out of pure CFA siamese lines, but look more like an European type.

We are crossing fingers so hard for beautiful Christmas babies after them.
This combination has been done 1 time before, and the result was just amazing.

Stella was calling right when Fire came to Norway, so they are mated as well.
So now you know what we wish for, as Christmas gifts - we are crossing fingers and paws.
Our plans page is updated :  Go here

Our Summerbabies have started to move to their forever homes.
Rocketman charmed himself in to his new feline family in no time.
Geisha Girl had to use almost 3 days to convince "Maisey" to enojy her new life as a big sister.

Pepsi's triplets has not moved to their future homes, but they will soon.
In the mean time they are having good time with their daddy and the rest of the boys at Carolynn.

We had plans on keeping our  little colourful Attack's Firecracker, but to make the story very short -
Firecracker will move to California.
We wish her all the best , and are happy we can give back something beautiful to Dee and Connie at San-Toi's Cattery , after all they have been given us.
We are very proud of this beauty, maybe some of you will see her at cat shows in the future :-)

I havn't be able to get any nice pictures of Raspberry yet.
She is like a tornado, with ants in her butt. She was like that when she was a kitten as well.
But I am not giving up :-)
She has been sattle in very well. Few days in the bedroom , friends in no time with the others, including Cookie and Jesse. Well, Pepsi and Raspberry need more time.
2 torties that want to be mommy's nr 1.
Raspberry is happy , and she is charming, with a naughty tortietude.
I am sure she want to be the boss in the house, and with such confidence she will get it her way.
I love this purring monster and are so happy she is back under this roof.

Phu! I think this was all for now.
Next update with not be so much cat talk, but it will be something the cats will be very happy about.

October 20, 2018

Welcome to Norway!

Finally he is here, we have been waiting so long.
Our red classic beautiful boy from California.

Carolynn and a friend went to USA a little while ago, and brought home this elegant beauty.
He was ment to be, already since birth. He developed in to a real showstopper for CFA and his breeders brought him to cat shows.
He did amazingly well.

He has a strong red colour to die for, and he is so so elegant.
Even he is out of European lines, he got much from his American relatives from the pedigree.

We can't wait to see what he will do for our  breeding programme. We have exiting plans for him.

Let me introduce :

GC BW RW San-Toi's Lite My Fire of Attak's
(Cat Global Vasilji of San-Toi OSH n 22 & Rath's Watashi-Tachi*KZ OSH d 24 )

"Fire" did not come to Norway alone. He had company of a girl, a girl who has been in San-Toi's since 2015 , a girl from our Cattery.
This girl has made some beautiful kittens over there.
Her pedigree means the world for us, because her pedigree has all the cats that really matters for us.
We are forever greatful for the possibility to have the chance to have  her back.

Her name is Attak's Raspberry ( Original Attack's Bohemian Raspberry). She is a blacktortie oriental who got so much  of the same personality as her beloved mother.
We are talking real cattitude , a stubborn,talkactive lady with the best from all the cats we have owned, behind in her pedigree.

She is DE*Oralee Hidalgo's grandchild, and she has inherited his size in a female version, she is HUGE.
She got the elgance from her mother Aliyah Narsil*CZ and on her fathers side  Great Grandpha S*La Bell Dinky Toy.
She is also S*CrossBow Crest Hotlips Great Granddaughter , my forever soulmate.

So yes her pedigree is very well appreciated for us.

She  went over to San-Toi's as a happy little naughty couddle monster, and we got the same cat back 3.5y later. In super condition, so well taken care of.

It is good to have fantastic breeder friends, even there is a whole ocean between us.
Some cats move over, some cats come to us  - in a great cooperation, but the best is the lifetime of a warm friendship.

Thank you so much Dee and Connie for all you have done for us, and for the future.

Attack's Raspberry as a kitten - until I will be able to make new pics of this big happy duracell :

Her father Attack's Jimmy Choo :

Her mother Aliyha Narsil *CZ :

And her relatives behind the father line :

We have lots of exiting plans for the Cattery now, and are crossing fingers for 2019 - may some of the dreams come true.

October 19, 2018

Babies have left my home.

Yesterday the  babies moved to Kristiansand, to Carolynn and the feline boys.
Our big and gentle sweetheart, Tiger did welcome the 5 kittens with open paws.
Back home it is very very silent. No more naughtiness for a while.
Poor auntie Mocha is very sad that " her babies" is all gone.

Rocketman and Geisha Girl will be the first kitten leave for their forever homes.
Rocketman will move to the North of Norway, actually to the same home our Fantasy moved in to, a short while ago. We are so happy for that. He will be a very spoiled and happy little boy with lots of love from 2 and 4-legged.
Geisha Girl will move to Zivas daughter, and will have 3 2-legged kids to boss around as well.  So that girl will we see more of in the future , as she is part of our breeding programme.  She will also have a great forever home.

Pepsi's triplet will stay a bit longer in Kristiansand.
In a while, Firecracker will move back home to us.

Last week, they went to the Vet for their very first time.
They were so exited to drive car, and everyhting went super. They were health checked, got vaccines and ID micro chip.

We are back in building with carpenters around us, so  not a spare moment to make nice weekly pics of the babies the last week before they left. They were all more interested in watching them, then watching me and my camera.
But we have pics from the week before.
We are so pleased with all 5 .






This was all for now, about the 5 kittens.
I am hoping for some pics from Kristansand while they are staying there.
We have more exiting news , but this was all for now.

September 24, 2018

Kittens 9-10 and 10-11 weeks old.

There hasn't happened much in our Cattery lately, but our naughty sweethearts are growing.
They get love from every corner. Jesse's drooling kisses is not among their favorites though :D 
Mocha has became their new fluffy guardian, and they love to snuggle in her fur. 

Rocketman's nose has healed very well, and he is such a darling.
When his mommy, Stella was a baby, she became Cookie's favorite kitten. Rocketman follows in her pawstep, and has became the dogs favorite kitten. 
Rocketman is not naughty around the dogs, just want to snuggle.

Geisha Girl has became a real kitchen terrorist . Every time somebody 2.legged are in the kitchen, she is close by. Thankfully noone of the others are like that , at least not yet.
Her father, Mario is also a kitchen terrorist, so it runs in the family.

Lam for both cats and dogs, but Geisha Girl can't wait for her turn!

Here is the weekly pics .

Mario and Pepsi's triplets 9 and 10 w old.

Tuxedo :

Firecracker :


Mario and Stella's twins 10 and 11 w old :

Rocketman :

Geisha Girl :

In week 41 is the plan for the first Vet visit, and then it is also probably the last update for the 5 kittens.

Pepsi is then done beeing a super.mother to both her own and Stellas babies.

 Firecracker will stay home with us,when her siblings start to leave in some weeks, and we are very happy about that.