April 27, 2018

Meet Mario

Here is one of the boys who will mate some of our girls during this Spring/Summer.
His pedigree name is Perfection Diablo and he was born in USA. We have decidet to call him Mario here in Norway.
This boy is co owned with Dee and Connie at San-Toi's Cattery in California.

Mario is a couddle bug of an oriental boy.
He reminds me alot of Ziva actually. And when you are a fertile boy and reminds me of her, you are sure a big couddle sweetheart. In other words , an amazing temperament , not seen that often when you are filled with hormones . He is gentle to other boys and girls, no matter ages or if they are fertile or neutred. And he don't spray!!
He is now 1.5 years old and we want to send a huge credit to Dick and Dotti Olsen who has breed this wonderful sweet and gentle boy. 100% dream temper.

Our plans is to mate Mario with Stella, Pepsi and Ziva.   So when the matings are done, we can start to cross our fingers and paws :-)

Mario is an elegant boy with a very nice eye shape.
He has a very interesting head with large well placed ears. Actually he reminds alot of Ainur. Ainur is more extreme in his type.
So yes, we are looking very forward to these matings.

Mario has company of Ziva and Pepsi at the moment. Hopefully Pepsi will soon start to call, and Ziva of course too. But I thought  Ziva was the best new  friendship to get in a new home and Cattery since she is always so sweet to everyone  new.

February 8, 2018

Snow snow snow - it never ends.

Few weeks ago it came ALOT of snow in my place. Almost 1 meter in two days.
I like a little snow, but this is a bit too much.
The dogs loves it, tough - pics taken before the heavy snowfall.

The cats have more various interests regarding this cold season ....

Snow-watching :

Hiding-away-from-the-snow :

One cat - our fluffy Curl actually find the snow interesting :

But it is also nice to snuggle by the fireplace :

And guess what? After some very cold days - down to almost minus 20 night time , the weather has change. Tomorrow the weatherman said it will come more snow!!

Well, we are counting weeks , and Spring will arrive some day, hopefully :-))

And during the Spring we have plans for some of our cats. Exiting plans.