April 27, 2019

An update about alot.

It has been a long time since any updates on the blog. We are often forgetting it, while we are updating  on Facebook.

We have decidet to spay /rehome some of our adults.
Stella is one of the girls, and she is now living a happy spoiled neuter life together with one of our kittens some years ago , a girl after DE* Oralee Hidalgo and (N) Attack's Lil`Miss Diva.
She will have the best home, and we wish her new mommy and daddy good luck.

Ziva daughter and Stellas daughter from her first litter has moved home to me again.
Their human mommy had to prior her own health.  Me and Carolynn picked them up in the end of the Easter.
We brought home 2 happy, healthy girls. And the strange thing, after a good night sleep, it was like they never had moved out of my home.

The siamese girl, Attack's Blue Latitude has a new passport and rabies shot, so she will probably soon move to her new home.
While she is living here, we have a new kitchen monster, and have to hide all food in cabinets/frigde/freezer.

Attack's Geisha Girl, Stellas daughter is so much alike her mother in so many ways , especially the voice and alot of facts. She has the elegance,profile and eye colour from her father. The temper is a mix of them both - cool,happy and laidback.
Her little half sister made a special bond with her the very first moment she met her.

We have also 2 new siamese cats .
The girl was picked up and had her singelton baby boy born with friends of Carolynn.
He is 1 week younger that our Christmas babies.

Mother : GC San-Toi's Ordinary Miracle SIA b - also with a pure CFA siamese pedigree.
Her baby boy is named Attack's 5 Star, and his daddy is the beautiful GC San-Toi's Tag You're it.

Ziva did not aprove Miracle to move in, but did welcome her little baby boy.
Since we suddenly got home "Maisy" and Geisha too, it was best for everyone that also Miracle went to Carolynn, at least temporary.
Carolynns boys did welcome the little family , and auntie China has adopted the baby.

I did manage to make some pictures of them before they moved to Carolynn.

Little 5 Star has also been raised by 2 St.Bernhards , and he loved his big canine family very much.
When he came here, he was abit unsure about Cookie and Jesse, maybe they were to small ? :D
After a day "drowning" by all the kisses from Jesse,  he gave up and decidet he loves German Shepherds too. He is such a lovebug to human,cats and dogs.

The cats love their new outdoor space, and so do we.
On sunny days it becomes very hot, so we have Summer feeling inside, while it is Spring time.

Santa Baby, or Scarlett at home,  has  California genes, because she don't seems to notice the high temperatures on the porch.
And if noone want to play with her, there is always Jesse's pillows.

Some of you might remember Geisha Girl when she was a baby. She hated to sit still and make nice pictures for me.
She is still that kind of cat.....  but I do manage to make some nice pictures of Raspberry a seldom day once in a while, so it is still hope for Geisha too.

NB :
Our plans for the next litters has been updated. 
We are hoping Ainurs suprelorin chip is soon out of his system.