September 21, 2015

Our smallest sweethearts.

It has been a long time since I have done any updates about our 3 smallest treasures.
They have so much to catch up, but are doing very well.

Ainur and Misty's little boy is getting more and more beautiful every day. Pictures can not justify his development.
He looks like a pure white kitten , but he is redtabby and white. How much white is still a mysterica.
Kichiro is looking like a wannabe-peterbald. His fur is supershort! And he is so long and elegant. And he still got daddy's elf ears , that makes him extra beautiful  - our personal taste.

Various pictures and ages compearing with daddy to the left :

About 9 weeks old :

And his two halfsisters - after Ainur and Nikita. They are 7.5 weeks old on the pictures.

Biggest girl, Daydreamer is a good mix between her parents. She is very calm and cool, but with two very talkactive parents - I do not think the silence will  last forever.

I am sure those two will be best buddies in time :

And the smallest girl, still very small, but she is such a sweetheart. I love her development as well, so the next weeks will be interesting.
Dreamcather :

And some varoius pictures.

Alot will happen in October - we are very exited ;-)

September 12, 2015

So proud of.....

Last Spring  , actually April 15th - 2014 we got a very colourful litter of 5.
3 boys and 2 girls.  The girls were very special from the very first moment.
One of the girls was like a tiny little baby-bird when she was born. Her weight was only a bit over 60gram. My kittens  has normally a birth weight around 80 -110 gram. Some are even bigger. The biggest baby ever born in our Cattery was almost 130 gram.
To get more frustrated, the little mini-baby refused to get bottle fed , little stubborn tortie.

But stubborn was good! She had lots to growing to do, and was smaller than her siblings for many weeks.
But she did gain between 10 and 15 gram daily after a while.  She did grew up to a very healthy, happy and colourful sunshine girl, together with her sister.

We had lots of request on the sisters, but we were not sure if we wanted to sell any of the girls.
In Fife` noone of the girls was any showgirls, since most of the jugdes prefer extreme cats.
But in our breedingprogram the pedigrees and lots of other qualities comes before a set of big lowplaced ears. But don't misunderstand me, I love extreme Fife`cats as long as they also got a beautiful face with a pair of beautiful eyes.

A kittenbyer came all the way from USA to Norway to pick up another cat with us, and she asked us in the sweetest way.... if we ever should change our mind, was there any chance of having one of the colourful sisters?

Hmm?? We had to make alot of thinking, and we explained over and over again, noone of the girls are wow-types here in Fife`.

The sweet lady went home with her cat to California, and we continued thinking.
We decidet to sell the girl who was smallest by birth , (N) Attack's Cupid's Coctail.
The sisters got everything, just not the big and lowplaced ears, and a bit round eyes.

"Coctail" went later to USA, together with Carolynn, and suddenly it was decidet that Coctail was going to be brought on CFA shows.
Oh dear! I did not know what to belive. I just hoped the kitty behaved well, showed her good temper and that she and the owner would have a great time.

I have wrote about all this a long time ago in my blog,
So to make the story short , Coctail made it VERY WELL in her show season.

In just some very few shows in US a one in Germany ......

Southwest regional awards :
10th best cat.

And in total - in the world :
2nd Best Oriental Shorthair.

That is huge! The competion in CFA is together with lots of different cat breeds, and lots of different rings -  totally different to Fife`where they are only compeete with their own breed/category. So winning anything is not easy at all.

So this Summer the proud  owner could pick up her awards, and they had also made a copy to us!

We wish Coctail and her new mommy all the best for the future, she knows that ;-)