December 5, 2019

Kittens are moving

(Picture taken by Åse Britt)

It's very silent in Eiken right now - no kittens running around doing naughiness.
Meanwhille in Søgne ......  it is the wild wild west :D

2 of the kittens - the naughty foodmonster and the most demanding personality - both has moved to their forever home.
That is the boys.
"Morris" - the redhead has moved to a pet home and have now 3 domestic cats brothers. Another oriental will join them in the future.
And our little charmer Neptune endet in the same home as his father Kalle and Auntie Ziva.

On Friday is it the first girl to leave for her new home.
She will move to a wonderful home as a happy pet, where a black oriental kitten are waiting for her.
Sea Sparkle was neutred  a little bit more than a week ago , but after she woke up from her anesthesia , she did not undertand she had been in a surgery at all.

Miracle, our beatiful chocolate pointed siamese will also be moving on Friday to her forever home.
There is also an adult black oriental neuter waiting for her. ( And some dogs and puppies - she will be a working auntie and spoiled pet . )
Her now adult son , 5 Star from her first litter, will continue in our breeding programme.

Today both the girls will visit the Vet for a final healh check, before they will leave tomorrow.

On Sunday our keeper from the oriental litter will come home again after her Holiday in Søgne.
It will be nice for Scarlett to have a energic friend again. I will make alot of new picture of her when she comes home again.

The last two girls , Aqua Dream and Ocean Tide - will move to USA right before Christmas.


And some very good news - we are crossing  fingers.

Ainur has been on the second Suprelorin Chip for a very long time.
He acted like a neuter the first year, and then slowly he started to mate the girls again. We were hoping and crossing fingers - but no one got pregnant.

1.5y later , he has now started to spray like a proud firefighter with his hose :D
And now it smell like a fertil stud.  A much better prognosis, when Geisha have plans on calling again.
We are crossing fingers from a  dream-litter during Winter 2020.

If our plans and dreams comes true, Ainur will be neutred and we have a wonderful pet home for him waiting for him.
A happy life with a dog,a cat some chickens and turkeys.

This was all  for now.
We have alot of exiting plans for 2020 - with new feline familymembers and of course kitten plans.

We have also a new Cattery page on FB where you can also follow us.
Sometimes news are written faster there , than on the HP.

Click on THIS to visit our Cattery page.

Have a nice Christmas everyone, and all the best for 2020.