December 12, 2012

Merry Christmas :-)

We have decorated our kitchen for Christmas now,and little raindeers are lighten up outside.
The cold weather is still there, and as I am writing there is  minus 21 degrees outside.
But we have also alot of snow now,and as long we have it warmth inside, it is very beautiful.

Our tortie has sattle in now together with our other cats.
Totally 6 days,and she became good friends with the others.
So it is peace between all the cats,and everyone have so much fun together.
Ida is her best friend,but Dinky and Milla is also very fun to chase after.
She is a very creative and funny girl, and she loves to steal!! Food, bling-bling, socks, everything she finds.

There is nothing much that is happing in our cattery right now,but at Spring times we hope for some early plans to come true.
I will be visiting little Diva too after Christmas,and hope to get some nice pictures of her.
She has grown alot,and her mommy has said she is "growing out of her shoes" :-)
That is a good sign, she will probably be a very big girl,as both her parents too.
More about plans and pictures later in 2013.

We have made a Christmas card this year as well.
And this year both Milla and Ida tried on our little Santa dress.
They are not big fan of clothes,but for a short while it was ok, and enough time to make funny pictures.

One of them you can see to the left in this page, another on the top,and here is the card:

Now I will be working alot before Christmas,but in the week between  Christmas and New Year we will spend some of the days together with Tiger,Bico and their family.
We are looking very much forward to that.

While we have a breeding break, you can look at my precious grandchildren in Argentina again.
This is the smallest babies again, and they are getting more and more beautiful for every new week.
I am very proud of them and wish the distance was not so big between us.

December 5, 2012

Cold but cosy

It is silent her and COLD!!!

The cold news first - King Winter has arrived and we have had sevreal of days with low temperatures. Today it was 20 minus degrees outside,and the weatherman said it may be like this at least for the 2 next weeks.Brrrrrr!
But I must admit we have it cosy inside too :-)

Millas 2 boys moved to their homes this weekend.
Rebels new family lives a long drive from us,but it was very nice to meet them.
When Rebel arrived in his new home, their other oriental boy was a bit jelouse. But their little dog was thrilled to have a new familymember.
It will get better soon. Rebel loves his new home and family.
So Friday was our last time with him.
I wish him all the best, our big spotted little leopard.
He was neutred before he left,and his super mommy was watching all the time he was sleeping.
After a good sleep he did not notice he was neutred and it was run and fun the rest of the day.

On Sunday my heartbreaker moved. But lucky for me, I can go kiss him whenever I want.
He will have his foreverhome together with bigbrother-Tiger. Tiger need also a catfriend,and since Tiger lives in the best home I know of, it was easy to know where "Bico" also shall live.
Tiger was so happy when they came home and had HIM with them. He did welcome back his little brother with a big kiss.
Actually I will go kiss them both on Thursday,so I have not much time to miss him.

On Sunday our funny new girl also came home to us. She has been in quarenteen home with Tiger,to make alot of health checks and tests. Everything was super! We did not doubt it,but just to be sure.
Aliyah, or Ozzie what is the plan she will be called here, who just comes if we call her Daisy.... is a funny girl.
She is THE tortie, with a great personality. She is a very helpful girl, who loves to steel our food or help us wrapping in Christmasgifts.
She sleeps with me in my bed at nighttime,and it is ok for my other cats to share the bed with her.
Not bestfriends yet,but they get along great. I am so proud of my cats. And poud if Aliyah too. She is soon 6 month old, so "be close friends" takes normally a bit more time for a young fertile lady,than if she arrives with us as a baby.
She is so outgoing,purring and naughty and VERY talkactive :-)

At some extra beautiful news in the end.
My beloved grandchildren again. From the youngest litter this time,as the breeder has not found time to make new pictures of all of them yet. But don't worry. I will show them too.

This blueticket boy is a dream, he is amazing. I hope Maria decide to keep him.

And the only siamese in the litter,I love his head :

And their beautiful sister :