October 31, 2010

11 weeks old

I did get time for some photoes after all. But it is getting harder every week.They have so much else to do,than sit still:-)
Urban has grown alot the last week,and are soon as big as the siamese brothers.

Urban and Moonlight will move to their new homes in few weeks,and they will live in the same town.
I am so happy that both of them will have so nice homes. That is very important for me.

Urban Gothic
Devils Daughter

The pictures will go in that order :

October 27, 2010

Close to Halloween and 11 weeks old

In Norway we do not celebrate Halloween in the same way like they do in USA.
But we have a pumkin, and we have Leah.
My sister made that pumkin to me many years ago.
Leah looks like she has eaten all the treats long before the celebration even starts:-))

I will not be able to make 11 weeks pictures of the kittens,so I will publish some others close to the date .

Moonlight is so charming with his kink,and he is for sure a boy. He plays very rough and can't wait for any snacks to come on a plate on the floor. So he is very fast to climb up my pants.
He has developed very nice points and his eyes are wonderful dark blue. And the best : he loves to snuggle under a blanket with anyone.

Then it is Urban Gothic. He has his thing for some certain toys,and he tells us loud and clear. He has made us laugh alot of times for that. But all in all he is a very sweet boy. Urban was the smallest in the litter for a very long time,so he is a little stubborn. There is one big favo spot in our home,when there is hot by the fireplace,we know where to find him.

And the only girl in the litter, Devils Daughter. She is colorful both on her outside and her inside. And is so much alike her mother,Hagia in many ways. Since she has grown up with 3 brothers and bigsister,Pearl she do not have girly-attitude. And if we or other guest miss any food we know who has stolen it....just go after the sound of  *grrrrr mine mine nomnomnom*.

And our other sealpointed boy , Charmed.
He is a wild boy,who loves to play with the big boys. He also loves human feets,much more than we like his teeth:-) He will stay here in our future breeding program - at least for a while.

October 20, 2010

10 weeks old

10 weeks old in 2 days.
They got their first vaccine today and everything went very well.

Urban Gothic


And my future hope, Charmed :

And their sister Devils Daughter:

October 15, 2010

The kittens are 9 weeks old

Maby the rest of the nice Autumn weather is over? I prefer to take photos outside,but now I am forced to make my photoes inside. The kittens doesn't mind.
Leah has been with us in 1 week now,and she is a funny little devil. She has learned the smaller kittens alot of naughty things and has become best friends with Pearl.

Urban our red sunshine boy is still looking for his home and so is Moonlight.
Moonligh got a little kink in his tail,so he will be more than happy to just be a pet in a spoiled home.

Then it is Charmed and Devils Daughter. Noone of these kittens are avalible :

October 9, 2010

8 weeks old

Alot has happen the last week. The kittens have now the whole first floor to run an play,and they love it.
They are also spending some time on the porch when the sun is high.
Their personalities has started to develop and it seems like Urban and Charmed are more like their mother - Hagia in temper- happy monkies that are high and low.
At the moment are Moonlight and Devils Daughter more like their father, Moony. Calm and sweet.

I was the whole time thinking I wanted to keep the girl,but this week I have change my mind.
He is my dream boy, by type - a wannabe-American siamese.
There is a home that are waiting for him, hopfully,but first he will give us some kittens in future if everything turns out well.

The kittens parents will both be neutred soon,so I had to keep something:-)

Urban has also developed very nicly the last week. And so has Devils Daughter. Moonlight is still in his "funny age",and har hard to get corectly on pictures. So this combination was very interesting to do. I hope its contiune this way. It is better when the type need to develop,than development that stop too soon.

Devils Daughter
Urban Gothic



October 8, 2010

Welcome home Leah

Von Ladas Leah

Leah is a harlequin oriental girl from Svetlana Vinik - von Ladas -  in Germany.
I saw some pictures of her when she was only 2 weeks old,and fell in love right away.
When her friend, Thomas at Mi-Thos Cattery told me she was avalible I was thrilled.

The whole litter is very outstanding special and the pedigree as well,for my breeding.

My friend Pernille, at (N)Manhunter's Cattery wanted to welcome Leah at the airport too,and Leah found her jacket very safe.There she sat and was purring and purring. We all know how much Pernille loves "cows",so I had to check one more extra time when she went to her home,and I to the train station :-))

Leah will have a lot of new friends here,and we can't wait to get to know her.
We know she is a charming little purring-monster allready.

Thank you once more both dear Thomas and Svetlana.
I LOVE Leah,she is my dream.

October 6, 2010

Group pictures are not easy to make good.

There is nothing sweeter than group pics of kittens. But oh my,so hard to get nice.
Today I made it,but sudden my extern blitz needet new batteries,and I did not have any more at home.
Well.... I want to post the pictures anyway.
The kittens are 7 weeks and 5 days old. We will take new pictures in the weekend maby. Depends on the weather.

And I think my dream came true. It is not a secret that I love the American type of an oriental cat.They are a bit more elegant and have a certain look that I love so much.
The problem is of course that the kitten is a boy,and he should go to a nice cattery instead of beeing home....
But maby it will all work out nicly - I am in no hurry.

Let me introduce my group pics,it worked out with a little patient :

And some single shoots,even when the batterie dit not work anymore :

And the boys :

And my dream boy :

October 2, 2010

Kittens are 7 weeks

Moon Sparkle and Hagia became proud parents friday 13th of August.
Urban Gotich - OSH d -Option
Devils Daughter - OSH f - Option
Moonlight SIA n - *AVALIBLE*
Charmed SIA n - Option

The kittens are named after Vampires movies,since they are born on a real horror movie date.

The weeks goes so fast. It feels like they were born yesterday.
Now they has enter half my livingroom and are very happy for that.
They get more and more naughty day by day.
Moonlight is not like his sibllings. I think he got most of his temper from his father. He is such a sweet boy,with time to sit in our lap.
The other kittens are like their mother. They love action and to play - either with eachother or us,have seldom time to sit still,and they are very courius and helpfull with us humans.
And their roll modell is no other than bigsister Pearl,so she learn them alot of naughtiness for sure:-)

Devils Daughter will either stay or maby she have a good home waiting for her.
Urban Gothic has most likly his new home and Charmed as well. But you can still contact me if  you are interested.

But Moonlight is looking for a nice home.

Kittens sold in Norway are ready to leave for their new home end of November.
Outside Norway with agreements.

Moonlight will have 2 pics today :

Then it is Charmed :

Urban Gothic:

Devils Daughter:

And just a bonus picture of our "uncle Major". He loves kittens,and kittens loves him: