January 27, 2013

We are proud to introduce....

Our new boy! Co-owned with C.Knott.
I have had a cyber-love for a very special cat in Germany all since  he was just a little baby.
Would it be possible one day to have an offspring?
It is almost dejavu from Millas mother. I fell in love with her mommy too,when she was a baby.

Daddy - my cyber love!!

I wanted a girl, oriental with spots....... From the combination my baby boy is out of.
Well,that change , some of it at least.
My very good friend who takes so good care of Tiger for me,needet a new friend for him . His siamese friend suffor from kidney problems just 1 year old.

Just to make the story short, I asked if it was possible to have a boy instead. A boy who will live in a forever home.And to make it more difficult, I wished for a blackspottet boy.
That was ok, we just had to wait and see who many boys or/and girls that would be born soon.
The babies came,and there were only 1 blackspottet oriental in the litter and a boy.
I was crossing fingers hard. The weeks went,and the babies grow bigger each day.
Some weeks later the breeder told me I could have the blackspottet boy if I wanted. Yes - Yes !!
I was so happy.



His early baby-pics are made by his breeder.

He developed more and more beautiful every day,and I think he reminds me alot of his daddy.
I was not able to come  with my friend to pick him up,cause of my work.
But the day after he was safely in Norway I just had to come and admire him alive.

He is so so beautiful. He is big and healthy. Got wonderful green eyes. I love everything about him.
And his temper is super. He is not afraid of anything. When he arrived in his new home, he walked right inside, like he had always lived there.

Hidalgo is living with Tiger, where both have a wonderful foreverhome.
He is also co-owned with their human-mommy. It is nice to have someone to cooperate with and we have also became very good and close friends.

Hidalgo will come and visit ut from time to time, so I will hopefully be able to make my outside-pics of him later.
He was Millas Christmas gift,but Tiger took that gift, so maby we have to find a new gift for Milla then? :-))

We have published some plans on our "plan page". Milla and Tiger are waiting patiently for their sweethearts to grow up.

Thank you so much ,Stefanie for letting us have Hidalgo.
If you have plans later on a visit in Norway, the doors will stay open for you both here and in Kristiansand.

And thank you Carolynn, for taking so good care of our charming beautiful boys!

January 14, 2013

An angel came an angel left

We had not a very good start of 2013.
An angel moved in to us last year and had to say goodbye to us too soon.
She will of course have an autopsi so we can be sure what  went wrong.
At least it went all very fast,so she did not suffor long.
It is so empty here without here, we miss her every minute of the day.
We are greatful that we were able to get to know this wonderful wonderful girl,you will allways be alive in our heart.

Thank you Lotta for letting us get the chance to love her. Our dearest little Ida.