March 19, 2017

2 neutred studs,plans + last pics of the OSH siblings together.

During the last weeks alot has happened here in our Cattery.

Gabriel our beautiful white boy has been neutred and after Carolynn did a real screaning - we found a good forever home for him.
He has now two ( also neutred of course) girlfriends. A sphynx and a bambino. We wish him all the best in his new forever home
We will  continue his lines with his two white daughters.

We decidet also to neuter Leo, since there never came any kittens from him. And when he was neutred we found the answer of why he never produced any babies.  There was extra thickness in his spermatic cord making him infertile.
Leo is such a beautiful and sweet boy, but he will now have his foreverhome with our friends who has had him as a host cat all the time.

When it comes to the classic pattern, we have thankfully another beautiful boy who can produce babies.
He has now mated Fantasy, so we are crossing fingers!!
Jarda lives together with Leo, so I have not seen him as much as Carolynn. But after having Jarda on visit, I am amazing of his wonderful clear and clean pattern, and his elegance!! Wow - when we strech him, he never ends!
So we are very courious of what the future will look like for future offspring. Other than that, he is nonstop-purring boy - just as we want our studs to be like.

Ziva has also been mated with Charlie again. With only two kittens and two kittens that was often found in Dotty's milkbar - Ziva was not worn out.

So if everything goes well, and if both our girls gets pregnant - we will see new babies during Spring.
We are cossing fingers, 2 mothers are always the best option for this breed - since they love company and sharing babies.

Earlier this week did also Dotty move to her final destination - her new home - decidet a long time ago - before Tiger fell totally in love with her ;-)
Her babies are well  taken care of by Ziva,Fantasy,Cover and Sparkling - so lot's of love and caring.
Even from our dogs .

The blue siamese boy after Ziva and Charlie was the first baby to leave us - and he is doing great with his new lovely family . He gets spoiled and have people to snuggle with 24/7 and love his St.Bernard brother.
The seal siamese baby was the second to leave us - and he did also walk inside his new home with his tail in the air and charmed everyone. Loved his new parents and feline family - took them by charm - and he has alot of that!

We are so happy and proud when babies are moving to a new home is a peace of cake.

Here is the last pics of the OSH siblings together under my roof.

Amber - the kitten in the litter with the most beautiful eyes and a never-ending tail.Her look is naughty and her look is not lying :D One of her speciality is to kill my fake plants and is chewing on my books if I don't pay her most of the attention.   She will during April move to Bergen and live with a siamese girl - future very spoiled girls - I have a strong feeling of that:

Christian - he was so much alike his daddy when he was around 2 weeks old - but he has developed into another lookalike relative - if you can remember a boy we called "Stitch" - a son after Jimmy and Ozzie. Christian will be a huge boy. He has a Vet appointment very soon, and not so long after that he will move to Stavanger to be the charming Prince. He is a very lovable purring boy.

Ray : Little Ray will not be moving longer than back to his daddy Tiger. He has been checked by our Vet - he is still little and need more time to grow.  He is no  longer a picky eater we see changes from day to day.  When he has an optimal size he will be moving to his forever home.  He has a special place in everyone hearts - so noone minds having him around  a little longer.

And then to the 3 last girls - who will be seen at the show bench later on. At least Daisy and Georgia.

Daisy -  Daisy will move to Dotty's breeder in Finland and continue in her breeding programme.
She will get a huge kitten - she is elegant filled with muscles - but we hope she will stop growing some day :D  Daisy is also the naughty kind - and she has a special bond with Cookie - our female GSD. She is also very helping around the kitchen. Making food and tasting after - she is not picky :D She got very satisfied after we told her that her new mommy is an exellent chief hi hi.

Golden Wishes - our keeper girl.  When she was born I knew she has to stay - regardless what she would developed in to.  But she developed in to a beautiful girl.
Not perfect - who is? But she has my favorite colour,my favorite pattern and she looks so much like daddy when he was a baby.
And after all these weeks - she has become besties with both my dogs. A huge pluss - because it is so important that my cats get along well with them. This girl eats with Cookie and wrestle with Jesse. She has the same conection to the dogs as Fantasy has - it is a joy to watch.

At last - Georgia - This girl I had plans for a long time to keep - but we change our mind a few weeks ago. I don't run down all the catshows - but this girl is also very beautiful, and she deserved to be shown - if she likes it in time.
She is very elegant and beautiful.

It has been a real joy to also follow this litter week from week.
Getting to know them and see all their great qualities.
I love the whole litters eye colour - it has developed so nicly. And I love their pattern.
All of them are a bunch of sofa-snugglers so nothing to say about their temperament either.
I wish all of them who shall move to their new homes soon all the best.
I will kiss and couddle them some more days - before they will be moving back to daddy Tiger.
Thankfully Golden Wishes will move home quickly again - after her Vet stuff has been done.

After the pics was taken - it was good with a little siesta in the sun -all of them beside Ray who  had eating plans after - so he rushed fast in to the kitchen .
Pepsi snuggled up insted in the crowd.

March 4, 2017

Our OSH babies are 12 w old

12 weeks - I can not belive it. The weeks just rushes away - too fast.

Thankfully we are not in any hurry, and can kiss and couddle this bunch some weeks more before they will move to their new homes.

In theese days actually little Ray is with his siblings. But he will soon move down to daddy again. He is such a special wonderful little boy who is happy wherever he stays. He just sneek back in the kitten group , and everyone is happy to see him again.

Tiger is like his like his mother used to be like - he loves babies , so they are in the best care.

Today our blue siamese baby boy moved to his new home.
Me, Carolynn ,Jesse and Mr Sunday - Sunday Morning Blue - now named Thor jumped in the car and met his new mommy and daddy an hour away from my home.
Jesse made sure he had kissed him well good bye when we arrived.
Thor will probably a little later get another cat friend  - but now it is him and his new 4 month old brother - a BIG brother - who will get even bigger the next months .

His new brother is named Odin and he was really the sweetest kissing puppy I've seen in a long time.
So adorable and so happy and cool.

These two are so lucky - they will be together day and night - daytime together with daddy ( I think) at work.

The 12 w pics are normally for many breeders the last update they have on their babies - but I will try to make some new pics of them in a week or two again - as long as they stays here anyway.  Because this time NOONE wanted to cooperate with my camera the only day the sun showed up a short time.

My grumpy gang :D  Heard about lookalike grumpy purring kittens?
I laughed so hard when I saw this picture of Christian.

And his siblings - not as "grumpy" :

I will update about some other things next time - but then  - in 2 weeks, I will make probably the last litter- pics of them all before it is time soon for their Vet visits getting ready for their future homes.
And then I hope for sun and cooperative kittens - because noone looked like themselves this week .

And the one who didn't need any weekly pics taken  couldn't care less :D Not grumpy, she is smiling to the camera ;-)