July 25, 2019

The city boys .

I tought it was time to write a little about the boys .
During this Winter Carolynn moved from Kristiansand to Søgne, from a small townhouse to a normal house . They are all thriving very well.
Like that wasn't enough, my son has moved in there too. Shorter to the school than driving/take the train from Eiken early in the morning.
Nicholas brought Mocha along with him as well, and his rats. Mocha will come home again, she is just on holiday , since my son wanted to bring her with him for a shorter period.

We have a new very cosy friend. Actually she has been my internet cat-friend for ages. But this year we finally met.
She is an extremly catloving person . She has said yes to give San Toi's Carlin a forever home this Fall.  He has recently been neutred, and will stay with Carolynn until September, when his new mommy is back from a holiday.

In his new home, there is a 14y old siamese lady waiting for her new bestie.

Åse Britt is Carlins new future mommy, and she is visiting him regulary.
She has also taken alot of pictures.
Some are from her phone and some are from Carolynns phone.

I have stolen a little from both of you :D

Rats - best cat TV in ages!!

5 Star is now a happy teenager.

Auntie China
Fire is waiting for Åse Britt to visit.


Beautiful Pascal , Dee and Connie's new boy from S*Asynja's Cattery in Sweden.

Fire and Tiger 

Just a short update, while we are almost smelting away in the Summer heat.
Next time, it will be about the girls again :-)
And Åse Britt...... the cats and dogs in Eiken misses you too!! 😻😻😻