January 19, 2016

A new year

I discovered suddenly my HP was not updated since last day of October-15.
Alot has happens since!

We thought we were expecting Leo's first litter with Nikita, but she fooled us. Maybe it was a false pregnantcy, because in a while she started calling again.
But that's ok. We did just put them together, because she was hung up in her season for 3 weeks.
I am actually happy there is no little babies here right now, because it is so freaking cold outside now. Brrr!!
We have had a nice Autumn and actually a nice Winter too, the first part in 2015. The a new year started, and King Winter decidet to be cold.
We have had temperatures as low as under minus 20 degrees. The water froze in my basement, but I managed to fix it.

All the cats loves the winter though, because the fireplace is active all the time.

We also had to say good bye to our oldest GSD before Christmas. We had only had him for 7 month, but his health was so poor. I miss him every day.
But thankfully we have our other happy and healthy GSD girl, Cookie.
Cookie has never been used to be left alone, so it is with mixed feelings every time I have leave her home while I am at work.
During Winter Cookie will get a new little brother, so soon we have 2 beautiful dogs together again. And this time ,we will get a new puppy from Cookies breeder. We are looking very much forward for it.

Cookie loves the Winter, she doesn't mind cold days.

I almost forgot some hot news over seas! Oh well, it was in the end of November, so many of you allready knows.
But our two colourful sisters, Flame and Coctail was entered to the CFA worldshow by their new mommy Cherylee.
There were two different shows, and the sisters was on one each.
And both sisters won Best of Breed!!
We are so happy and proud for all of you.

We are waiting for the PRA testing result for Naomi,Mercy,Fantasy, Sushi and Aquarius. When the results has arrived we will write it under their pictures.

A bonus picture of our beautiful snowflake, Gabriel. We are looking so much forward for babies after him one day.

There is so much more to be told , but I will save some for another day.