December 25, 2018

My porch makeover

This Spring we decidet to do something about my windy porch.
We are so pleased with the result.

First it was like this :

We tried to make it cosy, but it dependet  each day, if it rained or was windy.
With the Norwegian weather it was a daily suprise.

Last day , and now all the furnitures was gone :

The plan was to get it ready during the Summer, but alot of trouble with the delivery ,we were sudden placed back in the waiting line sevreal of times. If we had knew , we would have ordered another place.
And this Summer it was really HOT from May until August. Thank goodness for my heating pump, that has air condition as well, so we all survived :-)
But those who are waiting.....

From the outside :

It is not fully isolated, but we can use it Spring-Summer-Fall . And in Winter time as well, with some heating on and a good jacket.
We are very happy for our new outdoor place, both 2 and 4-legged.

From the inside :

Later on we will will get much of the garden fenced in, and make a stair down so the dogs and cats can run freely in Summer time when we are home.

Now has all our Summer babies left to their new owners.
We get often updatedes from them, and it makes us so happy.

Rocktetman who moved first has grown alot! He will be a big boy when he reach his adult size.
He lives with a siamese boy named Milo, and our Fantasy.

I got this picture from Geisha Girl and Maisy.

Tuxedo was the third who left . He has found a new snuggle-bestie :

Dragonfly moved to a home with a 19 year old brother. The elderly brother had lived with a siamese for 16 years in the past and needet a new friend. Dragonly is the calmest of them all, so we hope Maximus is satisfied.

Then it was just  Firecracker left. She has now moved to San-Toi's in California. No new pictures of her yet, but we will write more about her next year.

We will update again soon.