September 11, 2016

Pure CFA Siamese babies?

We hope and dream about it - but in the end it is the cats who decide the outcome :-)

After Zivas favorite adoptiv baby moved to Bergen, she decidet to consentrate hard on the two white keeper girls.
But in the same period - we had to babysit Kichiro - Ainurs son.
Ziva and Kichiro became very good friends - and Ziva became like a kitten again together with him. Playing,jumping - running around over the house - and the 2 white kittens joined them.
They had all a wonderful week together with him.
Kichiro is soon be be fertile, but he smelled very good, so after he left back home Ziva finally decidet to call!
We were told that Ziva is a silent caller, so we had to look for signs.
But this time she did not want to be silent and good for us.

Thanks to a very good friend  we were able to use a Pure CFA siamese as a suggestion for Ziva , and now it is all up to them if they fell in love. We are crossing fingers.
It will be his only litter here in Norway if they mate.

Thank you so much dear Krista for letting us use : Deraza Checkmate Charlie.

It is importing to be a clean boy when you are dating!

He is a very beautiful boy :

And he LOVES to couddle!
Purr purr purr purr :

And after some more couddling - my arm was finally free :-))

Let's hope they fell deeply in love - then we will have couddlemonster babies  later on , because Ziva is all day long purr purr purr herself.

Bye bye sweethearts, I will come up with some snacks for you later.