August 13, 2019

Baby presentation !


Since FB has made it difficult for every breeder to write who of their kittens in their litters that might are availble, we will keep our HP updated.
Are you interested in any of the kittens, send us an email.
Pet owners can send an email to me, and breeders can contact, Carolynn, since she is the one who sits with the pedigrees.

Nothing is like waiting, and waiting together is even more cozy. Auntie Ziva is looking forward to new little babies she can kiss and couddle with.

I like to wait until the kittens are 2 or 3 weeks old, before I make pictures for our HP. And now they are 3 weeks old.
It's so nice to have kittens during the Summer.
This time we waited for 2 litters.
1 mother to be, grew big, and the other could easily fit her bikini!

On the of July, Miracle, went into labour.
She had 2 babies.
1 very small small, but strong baby boy, and 1 too big, stillborn, but he came out naturally
After the birth she needet to heal herself.

Geisha Girl was " huge as a house", but had all the time in the world to get in to labour.
So this tiny little mouse of a siamese baby was bottle feed by me his first 24h of life. This little boy was special from start. He loves people and attention, even he was just 1 day old. When he did not eat or sleep, he wanted to lay in my neck and couddle. If he couldn't , he made loudly protests!!

1.5d after the first birth, Geisha gave birth to her 7 babies.
Originally 2 boys and 5 girls. But one of the boys, a beautiful chocolate spottet bicolour did not make it. He was born with a cleft palate.
But her other babies are big and healthy.
And mother nature made us very happy this time, when it came to sex and colouring. It's feels almost like winning the lottery :D
1 shining red bico boy and 5 all!! torties with of course white , since their mother are high white.

Geisha has still 7 babies, she adopted little little Mr.Singelton.
She is a super fantastic breeding cat and mother.
Big litter, easy birth, eating like a horse, her milk almost flows over. She could easy had enough love and milk for 2-3 more kittens.

It's so nice to expect 2 litters together. Of course it can be a risk, but also a safety for an extra mother if something get wrong with one of the litters.  Most of the time it ends up well, and with 2 mothers that can share.

Auntie Ziva kept Geisha and the babies company the first 2 weeks while they rested in my beedroom.

Everyone moved down to the kitchen a little week ago. Then we discovered some eye infection on some of the babies, same time as our dearest Ziva got a bad open PYO infection.
So she had to be removed from the birth box.
Ziva was spayed yesterday, and are healing, and the babies eyes are soon good again too.

I made pictures of the babies today.

We had a name for our little siamese baby boy, but now we are unsure again.
He is the most friendly,happy,outgoing little personality - he is smelting everyone in the house, and also gives dogs,cats and humans grey hairs!!

He want to be with people absolutly all the time. If his "siblings" are sleeping, he sits often  screaming in the birthbox, thinking he is all alone in the world, please someone, come pick me up!!
So he sit with me and the dogs in the sofa every evening, and is then so satiesfied lol.

The SIA n boy - Attack's Neptune.
At the moment, he goes by " Little Prince Charming" .  He looks very promising in type .
He will only be availble as a happy pet ,because of his extra ordinary darling personality.

Then our 6 colour bombs!

The boy- Attack's Golden Stream.

Red and white. We think he is solid. He has a very mild and sweet personality. Can of course be sold to a small cattery, but would altso be a perfect buddy  for the siamese baby in the future, if a pet owner are looking for 2 new familimembers at the same time.

And his 5 colourful sisters! 

Some of the girls will be availible, but we are defently keeping 1 in our Cattery , and have not yet decidet who it will be. And remember, for pedigree information, send an email to Carolynn, if breeders are interested.

Blue tortie with white - Attack's Aqua Dream:

Blacktortie with white - Attack's Water Lily :

Blacktortie and white - Attack's Ocean Tide :

Blacktortie spottet and white - Attack's Glitter Wave :

Blacktortie spottet and white- Attack's Sea Sparkle .

While all the adult ladies are buisy, Scarlett are so greatful for Cookie and Jesse.
Best friends in the whole world right now ;.)