April 10, 2021

Our Easter litter 2021

 Finally we got kittens again. We prefer to have the litters Spring and Summertime.

Our first litter this year is between :

Attack's Love Actually and Attack's Water Lily.

I knew after the 3 first weeks of mating it would be a large litter. Not only did she show sign of red titties , her belly started to grow at the same time.

This is Lily's belly the day before birth :

The morning on day 64 the birth started. I just knew it had to be more that 7 kittens ,  they just kept comming.

Finally the last kitten was born :

And how many kittens came ?

If you are still counting , there came 10 !! All alive - the birth was done in 4 hours.

1 w old :

5 boys and 5 girls. 

Sadly we lost one of the boys after this first week. There were 2 much smaller boys in the litter. The other boy is now the same size as the big siblings.

There is also 2 extremly small girls. But they are nursing well and  gaining. Just in their own tempo. It can go either ways with them, but they are very strong, so we are crossing fingers. 

The colours on the boys :

Blue and white ( 03) , Red and white (03 w spots) , Blue and white (02 w spots) and Cream and white (01 w spots).

The colours on the girls :

Red and white ( 02 w spots) , Blue cream and white ( 01 w spots), Lilac cream ( w spots) , Chocolate tortie (03 w spots) and black tortie ( 03 w spots).

My plan is to make 3 weeks pictures in a week + . But it will maybe just be of the 7 biggest . It can still go either way with the 2 smallest girls , so I am in no hurry.

All the kittens are in option to our Cattery at this moment. We know who we want to keep, but in the next weeks they shall grow and develop. 

Lily prove last year she has the same qualitees as her mommy, Geisha. Easy birth, lots of milk and such a good mommy. Last year she was together with Scarlett , and while she was waiting for her own babies to be born, she adopted Scarletts babies too. So last year she also had 9 babies. But then there were 2 devoted mothers and milkbars.

This year she is a single mom to 9 kittens alone.  All she do is eat,sleep,poop and feeding , just like her babies. She is placed in the kitchen and the doors are open on daytime. She stays in the birthbox 23 h each day anyway.

The kittens are so beautiful, all 9.