September 20, 2012

4 w old

There is always something :D Sometimes kittens change sex,this time it's the colour-fairy who has been visiting us.
We have to find a new name to our little bico boy. He is lilacspotted after all. I did see it myself today,when I had the kitten out in the day-light a short while.

The kittens has now moved out of their birthbox,and have their little kitten-run placed in the kitchen.
So in next week it will be toilet training and tasting of different solid food.

I tried to make pictures of them today.
All 3 of them got muscial talents - mjaoooo :-)


September 18, 2012

Milla and Dinky's babies are 3 w old

Times goes always fast in good company:-)

The babies were 3 weeks last friday.
I have been buisy the whole weekend, I have not had time to update the blog yet.dr

The smallest one,  little "bico" did made it, and has become a charming little fellow.
He had his third eyelid covering almost both his eyes totally from the day he opened his eyes, so it was not something I wanted to take pictures of. We were at a point worried he was blind.
But everything seems to be just fine,no problems.

"Bico" is the smallest one,but a strong one.
He reminds me most of his daddy. Think he will be a super-elegant boy in time.
His siblings are looking like their mommy, and will probably looks like ponnies when they grow:-)
I have been thinking he was a cinnamonspotted bico from the day he was born, but a nice cinnamonbreeder told me, he can also be lilacspotted cinnamon-carrier.
So time will tell. Today he is at least cinnamon:-)

The chocolate spotted boy,seems to get lovly spotts. And he is all over a wonderful little boy.
He do speak,but is one in the littler with the calmest personality - for now!

The only princess, our lilacspotted girls living up to the name we gave her.
Maby it would me more suitable to call her "Little Miss Trouble":-))
She is mentally 1 w older than her brothers, and know very well what she wants.
She climbs out of the birth box sevreal times each day, and comands cats and people to listen to what she as to say.
So because of her, the little kitten-run, will be placed in the kitchen in few days.

Here is some pictures of our funny and charming trio.

Lil'Miss Diva :

Cinnamon Chai :


Rebel Kisser :

September 9, 2012

Welcome new familymembers:-)

"Everyone needs a second chance" - we say that alot, either it is humans or animals.
We gave one of our females a second chance,but I was not sure if I was doing the right thing. In 9 weeks I was thinking " what if I have made the wrong dessision".

We can go back to March 2012. Our sweetheart, Milla had 6 babies - endet with a c-section. It was my second c-section since I have started to breed. My first experience with it was not the worst,but I do prefer a natural birth.
In March it did not go well at all. Short time after the operation Milla got very very ill. She lost some of her babies cause her milk got poisoned,and did almost not survice herself either. She got a heavy mastitis.
To make that story short, it endet with operating away the high-infected breast, and out of 6 babies,there were only 1 surviver, who lived his 6 first week in fostercare with a Sacred Birmaen mommy and her babies.
For me that baby is a miracle.

A long time after, I was so sure I wanted to neuter Milla. But she was not fit for any operation right away. Talking with my vetrinarians and other breeder friends,and the support from my friend who nursed Milla back to health - we gave her a second chance.
Last litter,she started her contractions at day 64, but this time she did not. We waited and waited. Late day 69 she decidet it was time. And this time everything worked just as it should!
I am so happy for her. Milla has been an extra mommy for 2 other litters,she could not take part in her first litter from the start,and now she is glowing of motherhood.

We have 3 babies in the birthbox. 2 boys and 1 girl.
There was not so many options when it comes to colours this time,but breeding is still full of surprises.
Dinky and Milla are cinnamon carriers. I have never tested them, but the proof, well her second-born baby is a cinnamonspottet bico,
He had some start problems,but we are crossing fingers hard for him , he is a fighter. His 2 other siblings are big and strong.
In a week or two, we will give them single pictures with name presentation, at least for the 2 biggest.

Here is the proud daddy , our sweet Dinky, who mated Milla shortly after he moved in.Only 7 month old!

And his beautiful family, just few hours after birth:

2 of the newest family members some days later:

And a proud big-brother - Tiger. He is a blue copy of his mommy,and the 2 biggest little babies are looking very much like him at the moment. Maby he will come visit his half-siblings one day? :-)