July 22, 2017

12 w very soon.

When there is just 2 kittens among the adults, we don't notice them in the same way.
They learned very early to use te toilet, and after that ,we didn't need to have a toilet in every room they went. There has only been one big kitten toilet in the kitchen, just for them , and no accident outside it.
When they got to the age where they climbed over the last kitten-fence they became sofa couddlers on fulltime.
They love it there, either it is to wrestle with eachoter, with the other adults, or the dogs. And they love to crawl up in our lap.
The only place they haven't been in, is my bedroom, because they are more naughty late at nights :-) When the night comes, me and the dogs are hiding in the bedroom, to get our beautysleep.

They are both very funny and sweet kittens. The boy has a very special place in both my and my sons heart, It is always the boys ;-))
The girl is very charming too, and she as a special love for both the dogs. Reminds me a bit of Fantasy, so she might think she is half part dog and half part cat.

We are not 100% sure of where they will move yet, if the girl will move , we hope especially for her,it will be to a home with a gentle dog. If the boy will move to a pet home, it will most likly be to Stella and Ray's litter brother.

And yes, they finally had their names. We decide to give them names after blue party drinks.

Let me introduce you to :
Attack's  Bitter Blue - the boy :

 And his sister :
Attack's Blue Latitude :

Together :

July 18, 2017

Our youngsters are growing up to beautiful ladies.

It has been a while since I have been updating about Pepsi and Stella.
Pepsi is now 8 month old and Stella is 7 month old.
Since Pepsi arrived she joined the litter after Tiger and Dotty.
We decidet to keep Stella back then, and they became best friends in few days.

Stella has big relatives, and noone think she is still a kitten,  because she is growing and growing.
She has still her beautiful green eyes and her lovley spots.
Sometimes she talkes a bit, but most of the time she is a silent and very friendly girl.

Pepsi is getting more and more red colouring in her fur and she has still her beautiful shiny green eyes.
We were actually a bit worry about her a period, because she was just arms and legs, so thin, so she has been checked by our city Vets from top to toe with a bloodsample as well.
They found out she is complitly healthy, she has just so much energi and are high and low like a duracell bunny with an apetite like a horse!
She is high on legs and very elegant, and such a sweety.

They make a great team - it's a joy to have them.

Stella who looks so much like her daddy ( and grandma). Noone is perfect, but I love her so much.

Lol. The bone was discovered after the pictures were taken,

And Pepsi - looks a bit evil and naughy for sure. She is not evil at all, but  naughty - yes!

July 3, 2017

The blueberries are now 9 w old

I have been so buisy that it has been over a month since I made some new pics of our little twins.
But they are doing very well.
Prefering the milkbar, so we have a huge work convincing them that solid cat food is tasty. No litters are the same, some are food addicted from 4 w, others have all the time in the world.
The boy is a better eater, but his sister is slowly getting there too. She prefers our food, but not all are good for a furball to eat.
It doesn't help that there is plenty of willing aunties in the house, and Fantasy has even start her own milkbar, because she can't help it , she is so in love with them.

Fantasy!! This is not your baby!

The finder is the winner ( and the keeper) ..... I don't care, he loves me too!

Baby boy : I should be clean by now ?

"Little" Auntie Stella ( soon 7 month) loves the babies too. Treat them rough like toys combine with lots of love. But they love her.

Both Fantasy and Stella are grandchildren of our beloved angel, Milla. Milla had always plenty of love for all babies born in this home - it is so wonderful to see that this love and caring has been passed on to the 2.generation as well.

Mommy Ziva get one of her babies sometimes :-))

So as you can see, there is plenty of love in this house - the babies get spoiled and kissed by 2 and 4-legged all the time.

I made some new pics of them the other day.
In real they are very much alike eachother, but the girl as a bit rounder eyes.
1 month ago the girl was the photogenic one, this time it the boy.

The boy :

The girl :

I don't know when the next update will come, because I have chosen this year,like last, to not have any Summer Holiday before August. But hopefully another update in July, and then with some names. We can't  call them "The Blueberries" forever ;-)

Ainur has been here some weeks, and finally some of the girls started to call. He has mated them, so time will tell, if the suprelorin chip is out of his system. Maybe we will have some new kittens to spoil and love this Autumn.