July 3, 2017

The blueberries are now 9 w old

I have been so buisy that it has been over a month since I made some new pics of our little twins.
But they are doing very well.
Prefering the milkbar, so we have a huge work convincing them that solid cat food is tasty. No litters are the same, some are food addicted from 4 w, others have all the time in the world.
The boy is a better eater, but his sister is slowly getting there too. She prefers our food, but not all are good for a furball to eat.
It doesn't help that there is plenty of willing aunties in the house, and Fantasy has even start her own milkbar, because she can't help it , she is so in love with them.

Fantasy!! This is not your baby!

The finder is the winner ( and the keeper) ..... I don't care, he loves me too!

Baby boy : I should be clean by now ?

"Little" Auntie Stella ( soon 7 month) loves the babies too. Treat them rough like toys combine with lots of love. But they love her.

Both Fantasy and Stella are grandchildren of our beloved angel, Milla. Milla had always plenty of love for all babies born in this home - it is so wonderful to see that this love and caring has been passed on to the 2.generation as well.

Mommy Ziva get one of her babies sometimes :-))

So as you can see, there is plenty of love in this house - the babies get spoiled and kissed by 2 and 4-legged all the time.

I made some new pics of them the other day.
In real they are very much alike eachother, but the girl as a bit rounder eyes.
1 month ago the girl was the photogenic one, this time it the boy.

The boy :

The girl :

I don't know when the next update will come, because I have chosen this year,like last, to not have any Summer Holiday before August. But hopefully another update in July, and then with some names. We can't  call them "The Blueberries" forever ;-)

Ainur has been here some weeks, and finally some of the girls started to call. He has mated them, so time will tell, if the suprelorin chip is out of his system. Maybe we will have some new kittens to spoil and love this Autumn.