October 26, 2013

Cats and holiday

Our cats are very lucky. There is always a home with open doors for them, if they need someone  to babysit them. Either here  with us, Kristiansand or in the middle.
Dinky and his son "Bico" has now a forever-home with Michael. I really think they are the most spoiled cats in the Universe?
Bico was suppose to live with Tiger - but Dinky is like most orientals, not a cat who thrives alone. So the plan was that Bico was going to be a temporary guest.
But father and son are really THE best friends - so we decidet they have to stay together - forever.

This week Tiger needet a babysitter. He is always welcome at our place,but it is closer to Michael's home.
Dinky and  Bico knows of course Tiger very well - so the week went super. With good food, lots of kisses and fun.  Holidays are very similar for both humans and cats ;-)

Thank you so much, Michael, for giving my boys the best home they could ever wish for. I think Tiger doesn't mind to go on holiday to you again in the future :-)
And by Christmas time, I will be able to kiss the  boys again too. Because then ALL the cats, boys and girls will be celebrating the Christmas together - with the human-parents at our place. 

October 13, 2013

Sunny October

Today the weather has been wonderful. I really love the Atumn - when the sun is shining. All the beautiful colours.
Me and Hidalgo went for a long walk for almost 2h down to the beach. He is almost like a dog, walking few steps infront of me .