March 5, 2016

Why is it like we need to defend ourselves again for choosing different?

I have wrote about it in the past, but it sadly seems like it need an update again.

When I joined the catfancy, I started to show one of my first neuters.
It was fun, but after a while go to cat shows was not just everything for me. I value to spend my weekends different.
But I never got tired with the second part of my hobby , breeding cats.
I love this breed, even there has been ups and downs. But I am not the only one, breeding is joy and sorrows.

It started in NRR Fifè in 2003, but after a few years I felt like Fifè was not the right Assiciation for me.  So I was serching around for other Assiciations , IDP,TICA and CFA. But I kept on in Fifè after all.

My breeding goals are of course health and temper - that goes hand in hand, at least for me. I love the breedingstandard of the breeds in Fifè , even I don't try to breed the most extreme cats as my goal.
I love the extreme type, but I don't think all of them are healthy breeding materials. And extreme is not the standard either , even many jugdes loves them and let them win.

I have had a secret love for the beautiful elegance there is to be found in US , and if I can combine the best of the Fifè standard in to those elegant bodies - there you have my taste.

In 2010 I almost produced my dreamcat. Noone is completly perfect, and neither was she.
But my beautiful blacksmoke (N) Attack's Fayette had an American mother, and her daughter got her elegance from her.

I wished Fayette had a slightly lower earplacedment, but other than that, she was very nice in my eyes.
Sadly she did not work in breeding, though, and since her sister was a neutred pampered pet, I had to close that line.

After over 5 years , a new dreamkitty was born.
He is just like my Fayette, but with a wonderful head. He is still a kitten, but I am crossing fingers we will get many beautiful babies after him later on. This is Attack's Kichiro, our first CFA registrated homemade kitten. Can he be shown in Fifè and get a nice jugdement? I belive so!

So why am I writing this ?
Well, because today I was phoned by a friend.
My friend had heard by someone else that I decidet to go out of Fifè because I did not have good enough cats for Fifè. Oh My.... I think I know where it comes from.
But we only choose to go to CFA because I was tired of Fifè and had been searching for something new in many years.
After my friendship started with Carolynn, and we  decidet to run the Cattery together, it was finally time for a change.
CFA was choosen, because they also helds a good standard of health, and part also because we have some fantastic Catteries we cooperate with, they are also in CFA.
As simple as that.

My goal when selling cats in first of all finding super homes from them. Some few goes to breeding and showhomes, but most of them goes as pets to wonderful forever homes.
But alot of my pet cats would done great in Fifè,  and many would done great in CFA.
If I choose to find more showhomes for my kittens in Fifè, you woull see more Attack's cats there.
Because pet-kittens from us can have a beautiful type with no faults.

Here are two sister-beauties - did clean table in US at their CFA worldshow. Both got Best in Breed.
They got wonderful CFA breeding standard.
They made it  because they got an owner who loves bringing them to shows.
I am forever greatful for that. And very proud!!
(But they would not made it all the way to the top in Fifè , because they are 100% CFA standard.)

In the future maby some Attacks cats will be shown by  Carolynn here and there, if the time is right.
But I have other interests. I decidet to bring two wonderful GSD in to my life. So beside working, taking care of my son and my cats , I have certainly not time to Cat Shows right now, if sudden the interests of showing would come back to me ;-)

In the future, please don't listen to roumers, ask me (us) .
We are not the first and not the last who suddenly change directions, there are most  of the time a simple explaination for it, not just because we and others who choose different were not "good enough".

We are looking forward for our Easter kittens this year, and you never know, maybe some will be shown in Fifè by new owners, some in CFA, or maybe all we be spoiled pamperd pets? It is the new owners who decide the showpart, not us ;-)

Remember also, I have never followed the crowd , if I felt it was not the right thing to do for me.
Not in the CatFancy or the outside world of it. I make choices that feels right for me.