July 20, 2012

July greetings

I saw yesterday, it has been almost 1 month since I updated my blog last time. Shame on me :-)
This Summer has been so strange by the weather.

Tuesday this week it looked like this in our livingroom. We had only 5 degrees late at night,and it did for sure not remind us about Summer. But the cats was very satisfied,the hotter it got inside :

At Wednesday the weather changed,and when I came home from my evening shift at work, I just had to go outside and make some pictures. It was just so amazing and wonderful :

Inside we have a wonderful table-decoration who comes and goes, and its purrs too.
It is of course our sweety, Ida, who are allways very helpfull and charming. She is for sure not a morning-cat, so she needet long time before she was fully awake, just like me :-)

The biggest news today is about  Tiger.
He has now left for his new family and charmed his new family right away.
It is extremly silent here, he was only 1,but felt like 10.
He has now a little dog-brother and a siamese-brother, and a big human family,so he has allways a lap to snuggle on.

Before he left, I manage to make some pictures of him.
One day  he had visit of some girls ,and he had a great time. Tiger has few own limits,as long as he think it is fun,and he think most everything is fun.
And he loves icecream and fruit. This poor girl had to get a new icecream while she was visiting us,because Tiger took it all :-)

Tiger has not moved far away,so I can visit him whenever I want. We are very courius for the future. He will stay in my breeding programme,but he will have a forever home from the start on. Possible some shows later too, time will tell :-)
He will also stay in a special health care program with sevreal vetrinarians,so he will have regular check ups,DNA program and more all his lifetime for free. So this boy lives up to his pedigree name for sure.

Last day I  sat myself on the train and went visiting him.
The evening should have more hours,but we had a great time. Did some shopping on IKEA,eat a great dinner,and today we had Sushi too. And a lot of kisses and hugs from Tiger and his new siamese brother.
The camera was with me,but it was very difficult to make any pictures at all. He had no time:-)
He is a puring happiness who loves everyone and his life!
Thank you, C and your family for giving him such a wonderful home.

This was all for now. Later this Autumn I hope I can write about some exiting news for the future.