October 26, 2014

Sunny California - cold Autumn in Norway

Now has Diva moved to her new home - to Sunny California!
Actually in these days we do envy her a bit.
Moving from a windy,rainy and cold Norway to the Summer.

We had lots of plans during the week Divas new owner came to Norway. She had some own plans, and we had some plans together with her.
But sometimes plans must change.
Happy ending - that's what is important.

Diva is daughter after my precious Milla and Dinky.
(S*Cross-Bow Crest Hot Lips OSH b 24 and La Bell Dinky Toy OSH b 03 22)
They are totally 3 siblings.

From she was a tiny little baby she was a big personality. We named her (N) Attack's Lil'Miss Diva, and she has been a Diva since ;-)

In her childhood she did not like to make nice pictures - screaming to the camera - again Diva facts..

Diva grew up to a healthy big girl, and went in to her fathers pawsteps and became a 100% kitchen terrorist.
Where there is tasty food - be sure Diva was never far away.

When she was about 1.5 year old she was mated with our boy Hidalgo.
Even in her pregnantcy she did demand to eat boiled chicken filets every day. Few days before the birth we were wondering if her babies would come out with feathers :-))

She brought 6 babies in to the world. 3 boys and 3 girls.
And now we saw that she is very much alike her mother too. She was a super mother from day 1.

Her babies grew bigger, and after that she has welcomed a little motherless houscat in her milkbar as well. Diva with all her diva-facts - her heart is beating extra for little furry babies who needs love and extra milk.

We wish Diva and her new mommy , Cherylee DeYoung - at Derry Downs Cattery all the best for the future.
We know you have a super breeding cat in Diva , but other lucky cat mothers must keep an extra eye on their babies - if not I am sure Diva thinks all the babies are hers :-))
We hope you want to come and visit us and Norway another time, and then I hope all our plans for the visit will not be interoupted by coincidences we have no control over.


Back here in Norway the other cats don't have warm sunshine on them
Luckily they have a warm and cosy fireplace.

At our place there is not much happening.
We are hoping for some kittens during the Winter - when the cats wants to please us.