December 5, 2019

Kittens are moving

(Picture taken by Åse Britt)

It's very silent in Eiken right now - no kittens running around doing naughiness.
Meanwhille in Søgne ......  it is the wild wild west :D

2 of the kittens - the naughty foodmonster and the most demanding personality - both has moved to their forever home.
That is the boys.
"Morris" - the redhead has moved to a pet home and have now 3 domestic cats brothers. Another oriental will join them in the future.
And our little charmer Neptune endet in the same home as his father Kalle and Auntie Ziva.

On Friday is it the first girl to leave for her new home.
She will move to a wonderful home as a happy pet, where a black oriental kitten are waiting for her.
Sea Sparkle was neutred  a little bit more than a week ago , but after she woke up from her anesthesia , she did not undertand she had been in a surgery at all.

Miracle, our beatiful chocolate pointed siamese will also be moving on Friday to her forever home.
There is also an adult black oriental neuter waiting for her. ( And some dogs and puppies - she will be a working auntie and spoiled pet . )
Her now adult son , 5 Star from her first litter, will continue in our breeding programme.

Today both the girls will visit the Vet for a final healh check, before they will leave tomorrow.

On Sunday our keeper from the oriental litter will come home again after her Holiday in Søgne.
It will be nice for Scarlett to have a energic friend again. I will make alot of new picture of her when she comes home again.

The last two girls , Aqua Dream and Ocean Tide - will move to USA right before Christmas.


And some very good news - we are crossing  fingers.

Ainur has been on the second Suprelorin Chip for a very long time.
He acted like a neuter the first year, and then slowly he started to mate the girls again. We were hoping and crossing fingers - but no one got pregnant.

1.5y later , he has now started to spray like a proud firefighter with his hose :D
And now it smell like a fertil stud.  A much better prognosis, when Geisha have plans on calling again.
We are crossing fingers from a  dream-litter during Winter 2020.

If our plans and dreams comes true, Ainur will be neutred and we have a wonderful pet home for him waiting for him.
A happy life with a dog,a cat some chickens and turkeys.

This was all  for now.
We have alot of exiting plans for 2020 - with new feline familymembers and of course kitten plans.

We have also a new Cattery page on FB where you can also follow us.
Sometimes news are written faster there , than on the HP.

Click on THIS to visit our Cattery page.

Have a nice Christmas everyone, and all the best for 2020.

November 15, 2019

Studservice - avlshann til utlån.

US* Perfection's Diablo - OSH d 03 - PRA N/N

We have decidet to share our beautiful boy US* Perfection Diablo with some few other breeders.
He has been on the suprelorin chip, but is soon ready for mating girls again.

Fresh tests will be requried for TF ( Tritrichomonas), Giardia, Fiv and Felv , chlamydia,mycoplasma, herpes and calici for all females, and we will of course make new tests of our boy before he will be ready for visits.

For more INFO , send an email to Carolynn Knott , either on Facebook or on email :  . She can show you his pedigree, more pictures etc

Diablo is located in Søgne - South of Norway.

Vi har valgt å låne ut vår amerikanske import Diablo.
Han parret 2 hunnkatter i vårt oppdrett da han kom til Norge, og ble siden gitt en suprelorin chip. Nå er straks chippen bortevekk og han er klar for nye eventyr ;-)

Selv har vi litt andre planer for 2020, så sjansen vil kun være tilgjengelig i noen få måneder, før han blir chippet på nytt. Derfor blir han kun tilgjengelig til noen få kull i denne omgang.

Han vil få helt nye tester for TF,Giardia , Fiv og Felv, chlamydia,mycoplasma, herpes og calici - og det kreves også av hunnkatt som ev da kommer på besøk.
Diablo er en veldig harmonisk og korekt typet hannkatt, elegant og grønne øyner.
Kattungene han fikk i fjor er helt fantastiske i gemyttet alle sammen.

Vil dere vite mer, så ta kontakt med Carolynn Knott. Dere finner henne på Facebook, eller så kan dere sende en email til
Hun kan gi dere informasjon om stamtavle og alt annet dere måtte lure på.

Diablo holder til i Søgne - på Sørlandet.

His kittens Summer 2018 / Kattungene han fikk  i juli 2018 

October 15, 2019

Our Summerbabies are now 12 w old - 1 girl is still looking for her new home.

When she was very little, I did not pay so much attention to her type, because I thought she was a sweetheart, but nothing more.
But mixing the European and American lines together are still very new for us.
This litter have changed so much week to week. But we have defently not any typical " children stars" this time. The type take time to develop, and we are more and more positive. I don't think the real them will show until they are grown up.
The best kittens are more correct for CFA shows, though.

Attack's Sea Sparkle is still avalible to the right home.
She has wonderful eye shape, green eyes, very elegant and has alot of red colouring.

Alot has happened during the last 2 weeks. The kittens are becomming more self dependent, and their Auntie Scarlett has become a little more wise. She has been a wild one since her birth ( "happy fleas" from her daddy) , so we are amazed that he actually can behave a like a roll modell...... at least some days :D

Fall is my favorite season, because I am not a big fan of the Summer heat.
But this Fall the weather has been very rainy and grey.
But for our little naughty gang that lives indoors only, it doesn't matter what weather it is.

11 weeks old - the last week together with their mommy , Geisha Girl :

And no,  Geisha has not moved anywhere, she did just came in a season. And then she was not interested in her babies anyway.
Miracle did also come in season, so they are now together in my bathroom until they are done for this time.

And since  their wonderful, but strict " helicopter-mommy" has left the downstairs for while, it is Auntie Scarlett and Mocha who are raising the kittens this week. Very naughty roll models, but the kittens are not complaining. Probably because they can do whatever they want to do lol :D

And now from this week - 12 weeks old :

12 weeks potraits :

Water Lily
Golden Stream 

Sea Sparkle

Aqua Dream

Ocean Tide



And a little update about San-Toi's Carlin and San-Toi's Runarund Sue
Pet names and better knowns as Kalle and Ziva.

During the Summer I was talking with a long-time-cat-forum friend. We wanted to find a very good forever home to Kalle, maybe she knew about anyone who loves the siamese breed and wanted to spoil him for the rest of his life?
Åse had by that time 2 older cats. A oriental and a siamese at the age of 14. Both of them had not the best health.
She wanted to give Kalle the home we were looking for during this Fall.

Sadly her oriental passed away during the Summer.

In September Kalle moved in to Åse Britt and has thrived and got so spoiled from day 1.
Her other beautiful older siamese girl was not impressed the first days.

In our Cattery in the same period Ziva got a heavy pyometra. She was supposed to get neutred this fall, but we were not in any hurry. Geisha Girl had her babies and Ziva was such a good Auntie once again.
But her spay wasn't easy, it was a very ugly uterus. So she needet much more time to heal, and needet sevreal of AB cures.
Poor Ziva, the sweetest cats of them all.

Ziva wanted to badly to stay with the babies, but she was full of infection and needet to heal on her own.
Just to take the short version, Åse opened up her home for Ziva too.  It was not easy for me to let Ziva go, but she came to the best possible home. Ziva will always be welcome to come home again anytime, but I don't think she will ever let her go ;-)

Just a normal breakfast at Åse Britt's spa and resort :D 

Åse Britt's other 14y old siamese girl got to know her, and Ziva was very sweet with her the last days until she went over the the rainbow brigde too.

We feel so sorry for her, for loosing both the older cats in just few months appart.
But maybe it was her destiny that Kalle and Ziva came in to her life right now. So they can bring back the smile in the house and change the lost of the beloved cats into of new love from new familymembers.

The memories of our beloved pets will thankfully always stay alive in our hearts , until one day we will see eachother again somewhere..

Thank you Åse Britt for letting the cats move in to you. They could never found a better home.

October 2, 2019

Kittens 10 w old - 2 girls looking for their new homes.

Our happy kittens are now running freely on the 1.floor.
They are not interested in stairs , so the basement and stair up to the bathroom/bedrooms has not yet been discovered.
They are just so happy to have more place to run and do nauthiness on.
Especially fun is it out in the Winter Garden. They spent the whole day there yesterday.

It was a sunny and warm day, so for them it was like a sunny summer day. So cosy.

Some were sunbathing.....

while other went hunting :

Yesterday it was " photo day", and I manage to make 10 w pics of them all in the end.
But it is not easy when one of the kittens are always so helpful lol :D

Little Neptune think he is the gift to the whole world, and he needs to be seen and heard , all the time, always!! On the pictures below, he was done making his pictures, but it is always " attention hour", all his awake time. Purr purr purr.
He will move to a family with 5 people in it ( together with a halfbrother), and that must be perfect for him. Then he can jump from lap to lap, charm,couddle and share kisses.

Neptune also loves the dogs very much. Since he was very small, he has been much together with us in the sofa in the evenings. His oriental halfsiblings lived their life with sleeping and eating, and then sleeping again. A very boring life, if you asked Neptune.
Neptune did not need so much sleep, he needet couddle and kisses. So therfor he spent much more time in the sofa with us.
Jesse is almost immune against kitten claws or teeth.  While Cookie prefer small kittens or older kittens with better manners. But Neptune is an exception. We don't know what it is, but Neptune never take no as an answer either. But he is very sweet with his Auntie Cookie. Never chews on her or climbing on her. That is siblings for - so good boy! :D

During the last weeks the little sweethearts have destoryed a smaller dresser, I should maybe tried to save it, but it was too late, and they had so much fun.

And after some naughiness it is good with an afternoon siesta :

We have still 2 kittens that are looking for their new homes.
Either as breeding cats for small registrated catteries or as show neuters/pets.

Sea Sparkle has a very elegant body,very high on legs, straight profile, beautiful green well shaped eyes. We think she would fit very nice as a CFA show cat. She is bossy and extremly naughty.

And Aqua Dream. She is such a sweetheart. Extremly loving and caring. She will look more like her mother, and would fit better at Fife`shows. She has all what her sister has, but she is a bit more heavy built in her body. 
If she don't move to another breeder/show home, this girl would fit perfectly in a childrens home. She would love to spent time in a doll stroller and so. As long as she can be together with adult and young children that respect and loves animals . - she would be happy.  She actually reminds me alot about my first own ( domestic) cat, when I was 8y old. That cat was togeher with me almost 24/7. Had to stay at home during my school day , but the cat did always wait down  the road exactly 15 o clock, every weekday when the buss brought us home.

And then the 3 others.

Our keeper this time , Water Lily :

Ocean Tide . I think she is amazing and very elegant. We are actually exited for her future.
If she continue to develop further, she will might turn in to a very special "swan" . If her ears will be right placed when she is all done growing,  she might will be that cat with very few  "show-faults".  She is extremly high on legs, a body to die for, amazing profile the list goes on.
But she don't like my camera .

Their redhead sweet brother , Golden Stream :

And at last, their halfbrother , Neptune.  He has developed in to a very very handsome goodlooking CFA typey siamese boy. He has such a mean look , But he is the funniest goofball.

A last picture, taking yesterday evening.
With the heated lamp on, it was cosy outside in the Winter Garden for a long long time.
I manage to get them all inside, when it was wet-feeding time.

September 19, 2019

Kittens 8 w old - our keeper has been chosen.

Some very few weeks ago I had newborn kittens in my bedroom.
Little babies who stayed in the birthbox, eating and sleeping.
Now they are running " high and low", and want to be everywhere.

But for their own safety, it is enough space to have the kitchen and half the livingroom.
They have also alot of fun with a bigger climbing tree, so we had to make a safe landing spot if they sometimes fells down.
Everyone was happy for a  "new" bed .
And I hope and think there is nothing dangerous around them now.

I have actually not made so many pictures during last week of the cats.
But the naughty happy gang had alot of fun last night, having a new box to play with.
I made a little video.

We have finally decidet who our keeper will be this time.
It has not been easy.
I ( Veena) want so badly to make my own solid siamese with white one day. But every time we make a "white" breeding, everytime we only get orientals :D  But this time we have used a siamese as  father, so the next generation should have better chance to produce my long lasted dream with the right combinations.
Since the future dream is a solid "*SYS*, we did not want to keep a girl with pattern this time.
And then there were left 2 blacktorties with white. 2 very different girls with different qualitees and type.
The combination has never been done before, we don't know the lines .
Maybe we will pick the girl that will not be best in type, or maby it will be the oposite when they are all grown up. I still think Ocean Tide will have much more of the elegance.
But in the end the pedigree is the same for our breeding programme, and the personality has to fit in , into my furry family.

Our colourful keeper will be Water Lily this time. She is so happy go lucky.
I don't think we will regret our choice.
She looks much like her mother, Geisha Girl when she was around the same age. Geisha was nothing wow as a  kitten herself, but she is a very delicate and beautiful young lady today.

Here are the 8 w  pictures.
Taken today.

These 2 girls are for sale :

Aqua Dream - OSH g 03 24
Sea Sparkle - OSH f 03 24

Their brother is reserved to a wonderful pet home :

Ocean Tide is reserved for show and breeding :

Our supercharmer - Neptune - is reserved together with a black halfbrother, living in a friend cattery. Will also be a happy pet.

And our keeper , Water Lily :