January 31, 2015

Welcome 2015

A new year has began, and January has for us been a month with waiting.
Waiting for new little furry familymembers, and now they are here.

Milla who is the sweetest in the world was together with the proud mommy all the time during birth.
Sadly we lost one of the babygirls after only 4 days old. Sometimes it happens,but it is still so sad.
But we are greatful for the other babies who are strong and growing day by day.

Misty is a super super mommy. She loves her little babies very much.
She gets only out of the birthbox for some kisses,toilet or to drink.
Therfor it is very difficult to make so many pictures of them at the moment.
Maybe I will be luckier next weekend to show you their beautiful colours.
We have 2 boys and 3 girls.
Creme,blacktortie and blue - all with pattern , and all with white . 
I am so in love with everyone of them.
All the kittens are at the moment option for our own cattery and some for friends - but if you are interested in any of the babies - just contact us. Status of the babies might change during the weeks.

Proud parents are :

(N) Attack's Chameleon Chai OSH c 03 24 
FI*Birregin La Coeur Pour Moi, OSH f 02 21

8 days old