February 8, 2018

Snow snow snow - it never ends.

Few weeks ago it came ALOT of snow in my place. Almost 1 meter in two days.
I like a little snow, but this is a bit too much.
The dogs loves it, tough - pics taken before the heavy snowfall.

The cats have more various interests regarding this cold season ....

Snow-watching :

Hiding-away-from-the-snow :

One cat - our fluffy Curl actually find the snow interesting :

But it is also nice to snuggle by the fireplace :

And guess what? After some very cold days - down to almost minus 20 night time , the weather has change. Tomorrow the weatherman said it will come more snow!!

Well, we are counting weeks , and Spring will arrive some day, hopefully :-))

And during the Spring we have plans for some of our cats. Exiting plans.