April 15, 2016

We are Siamese if you please.

It has been some weeks since I'd updated my blog, but now I have some really good news.

We have some very good friends over Seas (US) we are cooperating with, and Carolynn and Thrine were on a short holiday trip shortly after Easter.
To deliver our "Stitch" to his new owner and of course to bring home our beautiful new girl.
I have waited some time on her, but since the distance is far away,  it took the time it needet.

I am not an easy SIA/OSH person to please when it comes to the girls.
All our homebreed cats are outgoing and loves people who are visiting us, they are not shy or scared.
For us this is normal , that is how the breed suppose to be.
But not all breeders have the same priorities in breeding, or maybe it is how they grow up in the breeders home? I don't know.
But after breeding since 2003, I have got to know alot of kitty-personalities, home breed and brought in. Some have "shy lines" and some has probably not grown up as a fully familymember.
Just to say it, it has just been some very few in the past ( not homebreed) who are very shy.
Anyway - with past experience I know I don't want a cat who is shy to other people.

Our new wonderful siamese girl is everything we wanted and more. Carolynn has visit her during her childhood, so she knew she was the perfect match for picky me.
And now she is in my home,finally.
She is just a sweetheart. Calm, happy and outgoing.
I am sure she will be friends shortly with all my other girls, because she don't have "drama" in her personality.
Her breeders called her Babygirl in their home, and she is a very beautiful siamese when it comes to the breeding standard.
For me she is the perfect American typed siamese. I love this type so much.  With her eyeshape as well, she gets a totally different look than the Fife`look we are used too.

We are hoping for some beautiful kittens after here in the future, but first of all I am happy she who she is. Non-drama just purring sweetheart.

Thank you so much Dee and Connie - from the bottom of our hearts  for letting us have her. She will help my heart with better healing after loosing my soulmate last Summer.

Welcome to our home San-Toi's Runaround Sue / Babygirl.

Carolynn and Thrine did also bring back home another siamese from the States. A very beautiful male. He is very big to be a CFA siamese, filled with muscles and elegance. And with an amazing head.
I tried to make some pictures of him, but I did only get one that was ok to show you here.
This beautiful boy is breed by Tina Castor along with the San-Toi's. Tina has Fantasy and Mercy's sister, so Carlin allready knew one Norwegian cat ;-)
He is co-owned with Naomi's breeder, Krista Jannari in Finland, so he will be used in both pure SIA and oriental breeding program.
Krista and Carolynn will bring him to some CFA shows during this year - is the plan.
And when he comes to Krista I will publish some beautiful pictures of him, because Krista makes so nice pictures with her camera.

His name is San-Toi's Carlin , also a sealpointed CFA siamese.
Thank you so much Tina ( Dee and Connie)  for this beautiful cat.
I am happy he is leaving back home with Carolynn shortly, because all the girls are in love with him. But we have enough kittens in our home right now ;-)

And speaking about kittens...
I am too lazy with my kitten-photoes these days. Working, out with my dogs, times flies, and suddenly it is time to sleep.

But here you have  Tia and Sushi's soon 2 weeks old twins.
They are so big and chubby that they are rolling around in the birthbox. Two chocolate sweethearts.
And no, they are not for sale. We will either keep both of them in our breeding programme, or 1 is spoken for. Anyway, they are small and needs to grow before any dessision will be made :-)

And the last short update.
(N) Attack's Hazed and Confused - "Stitch". Hidalgo's grandson, parents are Nikita's brother and Tia's mother. We wish him all the best for his new happy life as an Norwegian-American in a wonderful and safe home.