January 27, 2019

Christmas babies

On Des 23th Stella gave birth to her babies. Born precisely on day 65.
Orginally 6 babies, but 1 was stillborn.
During the first week, it was something wrong with 2 other of the babies as well.
Stella lay on one of them, and the other had something wrong with his umbillical cord.

Breeding goes sometimes by the book, and sometimes not.
We are anyway very thankful and happy for the 3 other babies that grows and thrieves.

Our little Christmas presents are now 5 weeks old. I have not made any pictures yet for their 5w  anniversary.  But I will show you pictures from the past weeks instead.
We have 1 boy and 2 girls.

Little St. Nich - a chocolate spotted boy:

Santa Baby - chocolate tortie classic with white :

Naughty or Nice - chocolate tortie spotted with white :

They are such a happy little trio, but very different from their half siblings born in July-18.
They have just been interested in discovering the world.
Santa Baby is the girl that is at the moment the funniest, and the boy think pellets is eatable.
Naughty or Nice is a mommys girl has the strongest will and very strong opinions ,
They are all very happy for the dogs, even at this young age.

Stella is very relaxed around Cookie and Jesse and trust them, like me 100%.
Of course are not the dogs with the kittens alone, but that is just because of their size difference.

The next weeks will be "Texas" in the kitchen, learing to eat and use the toilets.

At the moments are all the kittens in option.
But in few weeks we will know if any of them will be avalible.
If you are interested in a kitten from us, we still have exiting plans for the Spring  take a look here