November 8, 2011

Happy neuter life and new plans

Our sweetheart Penny will not be used in breeding.
She have had some heavy calls and should really have been mated - but she will not let any boy come near her.

Since the calling are so heavy and Penny is a very slim girl, I will not be gambling with her at all.
I will not sit with a superskinny cat because of heavy callings who maby gets pyometra and then will be laying on the operation table very sick - that is my worst nightmare because Penny is our sunshine.

When Penny is not calling she is snuggling with everyone,also the boys - maby she just don't want to have her own babies? 2 siblings are in breeding in other catteries,so the lines can be brought back later .

Instead we will mate Pennys halfsister Fayette, who have the same elegance and personality- God forbid a little more naughty:-)

A picture of two very naughty girls in the end, who are having fun in the November-sun :-)

November 1, 2011

Congratulation my beautiful brother

This weekend the World Winner Show was in Poland.
Alot of beautiful cats were in hard competition. In my eyes the competition was especially hard in the Youngster class 6-9 month.All of them were worth the tittle.
One of Millas siblings was joining the party - "Gecko" or S*Cross-Bow Crest Hooked on a Feeling , OSH n 24.
He is a very beautiful cat and very much alike his sister.
At Saturday he was Nominated and we were crossing fingers hard for him.

At Sunday we were waiting and still crossing fingers, and he won!!!
So now he got the tittle World Winner 2011.

HUGE congratulation to the breeders Yvonne and Wilhelm at S*Cross-Bow Crest and his owner Anna Gerbert at S*Limericks.
We are so so happy for you all. I can just imagne all the happy tears and joy when they said his name in the final.

Milla is proud to have the worlds must beautiful brother, and so I am too!!

Here he is with his sweet owner, a picture when he recived his Junior Winner tittle earlier this year :

Alot of purring and kisses from Milla.