November 8, 2011

Happy neuter life and new plans

Our sweetheart Penny will not be used in breeding.
She have had some heavy calls and should really have been mated - but she will not let any boy come near her.

Since the calling are so heavy and Penny is a very slim girl, I will not be gambling with her at all.
I will not sit with a superskinny cat because of heavy callings who maby gets pyometra and then will be laying on the operation table very sick - that is my worst nightmare because Penny is our sunshine.

When Penny is not calling she is snuggling with everyone,also the boys - maby she just don't want to have her own babies? 2 siblings are in breeding in other catteries,so the lines can be brought back later .

Instead we will mate Pennys halfsister Fayette, who have the same elegance and personality- God forbid a little more naughty:-)

A picture of two very naughty girls in the end, who are having fun in the November-sun :-)