October 28, 2012

The trio is growing

We have some exiting news we want to tell you about.......soon:-)

I can say A about one of the little secrets, because they will soon get published by the owner. And the word is like love in my heart : Kitten-Grandchildren!!!! They are so so beautiful, just wait until you see them. Actually I wish I could just take with me a big bag and take all of them with me home:-)

But now, the happy trio!
About our little kittens,who are not so little anymore.
We have found wonderful homes for 2 of them,and probably the third one as well. I am crossing fingers that it will be his home.
It is so fun with their names. They really live up to them all 3.

Our little precios "Bico" will soon move to his big brother, Tiger. There he will stay for a while,to keep him company. His forever home as a happy pet will probably be in England some time next year. Hope Tigers family can let her go in time, it was a terrible dessision for me with this absolutly heartbreaker.
He had to fight some extra when he was a little baby, so he is my very special little one. Actually not so little,but he will allways be my baby.
He is for sure a human-kitten, who can not get enough of humans,and he loves to sit on the shoulder to get the best view:-)

This will be the last pictures of him from our home,because,but I will for sure show you pictures also when he moves to Tiger.

And then it is little Diva. Diva will stay in our breeding programme but will not live in our home.
It is not often I use host-homes for the girls,but  this feels very right and safe.
Her new home will have cat-friends,a dog and children,beside a sweet human-mommy as well.

And at last, Rebel Kisser, the biggest kitten in this litter. He is a charmer who really love action, the more the better. He make funny sounds when he eat something good or if the toy is extra fun.
He is not the big talker in the litter,but it looks like it on the pictures:-)

And just a bonus picture at last. You can almost hear "Bico" purring out of the screan :-)

October 14, 2012

7 w old

We have had some wonderful days here, with Tiger on visit
And as I hoped and expected, he just fit directly in with the others. Since he still are a baby in Millas eyes, he was one of her babies of course.

Tiger seems to have a great time together with his feline family again, and he has been a great big brother and naughty babysitter.
It felt empty after he went home again.

The babies are growing up too quickly. And while Tiger was here,they got more space to run in.
But their mommy was calling from the bigger livingroom,so they learned very quick to climb over.
Since there was no pee-accident,they have now both the kithen and 2 livingrooms to run in.

The happily trio are just so adorable that they almost break my granny-heart.
I really do not want anyone of them to move out.
Of course again it is one of the boys who are my little extra one,and I have not quite decidet where he shall live. I should soon do it, if not I might forget to sell him:-)

Our little Bico-baby is ...... well, I really do not know yet. Think he will end of as lilac spottet. If I have doubts when he is 11 w old, I will get a DNA test.
He is the absolutly most outgoing little one, who loves everyone,and could for sure just jump in any purse and go happy home with them.A talker too. He is also my special one.

His brother is a little wrestler who get more and more clear spotts every day. He is also a little purring kisser,who loves to snuggle.

At last,their sister. She is a little smaller than her brothers,because she has not decidet if she want to eat solid food  or hang in mommys milkbar. If she could chose,she would chose the last option:-)
She eat some wetfood,so we hope it is a matter of time before she eat just everything like her brothers.
She also loves to talk, and she is a sofa-cat and shoulder cat. She would be happy if she could be carried around all day,like little princess sometimes demands:-)

The boys stick together all the time,and I think Diva is happy for that,because she is a little lady,and want to be treat like one too:-) She loves her brothers when they has got rid of some of their "macho" energy:-)

A bonus picture of Ida. She has grown up to be a very delightful young lady. She has allways her happy personality but her extremly naughty kitten-days, then are just half like they were.
She has become so grown up with this litter,and she loves Millas babies very much.
So when it is time for her babies sometimes next year,hopefully, she will be a great mommy.

October 3, 2012

5 weeks old

The babies were 5 w old last Friday,but I simply forgot to update our blog.
The little kitten-run was just  placed in the kitchen to be taken away again:-) Diva is a little climber and a very good one too!
So now they have 3 toilets and the whole kitchen. Diva thinks actually she is ready to have the whole house now....
Creative and naughty :-)
It's for sure a very fun litter, 3 totally different personalities.
Diva is the wannabe-tortie,courius and run her own rules when she is up to something.
Rebel Kisser is the sweetheart who loves to kiss and couddle.
Little Bico is thinking alot,loves food and are very sweet.
And now I am not sure of his colour again. Think I have the perfect name for him, tough:-)

We did take some pictures,but the kittens and their fantastic willing to sing has not change much from their 4 w:-)
I am wondering if they will continue to sing on their 6 w pictures too?

News also this week, is that their half-brother, Tiger is visiting us.
His other human-family are spending their Autumn-holiday in England.
He lost his siamese-brother earlier this Autumn,so he was more than welcome to come on visit.
He is so sweet and social, so all my other cats think it's ok for him to stay here. I think Ida want him to stay more than 10 days :-) He came on Sunday and she has found her new best friend. Ida has a special thing for boys - they are so much funnier to play with.
I did visit him not so long ago, but it is together with his mommy I can see how big he has became.
So high on legs, long body and his fantastic silky fur.

I am wondering to change some mating plans too,but I am not sure yet.