October 3, 2012

5 weeks old

The babies were 5 w old last Friday,but I simply forgot to update our blog.
The little kitten-run was just  placed in the kitchen to be taken away again:-) Diva is a little climber and a very good one too!
So now they have 3 toilets and the whole kitchen. Diva thinks actually she is ready to have the whole house now....
Creative and naughty :-)
It's for sure a very fun litter, 3 totally different personalities.
Diva is the wannabe-tortie,courius and run her own rules when she is up to something.
Rebel Kisser is the sweetheart who loves to kiss and couddle.
Little Bico is thinking alot,loves food and are very sweet.
And now I am not sure of his colour again. Think I have the perfect name for him, tough:-)

We did take some pictures,but the kittens and their fantastic willing to sing has not change much from their 4 w:-)
I am wondering if they will continue to sing on their 6 w pictures too?

News also this week, is that their half-brother, Tiger is visiting us.
His other human-family are spending their Autumn-holiday in England.
He lost his siamese-brother earlier this Autumn,so he was more than welcome to come on visit.
He is so sweet and social, so all my other cats think it's ok for him to stay here. I think Ida want him to stay more than 10 days :-) He came on Sunday and she has found her new best friend. Ida has a special thing for boys - they are so much funnier to play with.
I did visit him not so long ago, but it is together with his mommy I can see how big he has became.
So high on legs, long body and his fantastic silky fur.

I am wondering to change some mating plans too,but I am not sure yet.