October 28, 2012

The trio is growing

We have some exiting news we want to tell you about.......soon:-)

I can say A about one of the little secrets, because they will soon get published by the owner. And the word is like love in my heart : Kitten-Grandchildren!!!! They are so so beautiful, just wait until you see them. Actually I wish I could just take with me a big bag and take all of them with me home:-)

But now, the happy trio!
About our little kittens,who are not so little anymore.
We have found wonderful homes for 2 of them,and probably the third one as well. I am crossing fingers that it will be his home.
It is so fun with their names. They really live up to them all 3.

Our little precios "Bico" will soon move to his big brother, Tiger. There he will stay for a while,to keep him company. His forever home as a happy pet will probably be in England some time next year. Hope Tigers family can let her go in time, it was a terrible dessision for me with this absolutly heartbreaker.
He had to fight some extra when he was a little baby, so he is my very special little one. Actually not so little,but he will allways be my baby.
He is for sure a human-kitten, who can not get enough of humans,and he loves to sit on the shoulder to get the best view:-)

This will be the last pictures of him from our home,because,but I will for sure show you pictures also when he moves to Tiger.

And then it is little Diva. Diva will stay in our breeding programme but will not live in our home.
It is not often I use host-homes for the girls,but  this feels very right and safe.
Her new home will have cat-friends,a dog and children,beside a sweet human-mommy as well.

And at last, Rebel Kisser, the biggest kitten in this litter. He is a charmer who really love action, the more the better. He make funny sounds when he eat something good or if the toy is extra fun.
He is not the big talker in the litter,but it looks like it on the pictures:-)

And just a bonus picture at last. You can almost hear "Bico" purring out of the screan :-)