February 28, 2012

7 weeks old

Another week went by, and now has the babies moved out of the kittenpen and have both the kitchen and smallest livingroom. They are more than happy with that,are not trying to break in to the bigger livingroom.
And they have also discovered a shortcut up in the sofa,where it is lovly to play or sleep.

The last PRA test came,and we are very pleased.
The siamese is N/N and the osh babies are carriers.

Fetisha is still beeing feed by a syringe,but today she did actually eat some very few bites on her own. Amazing hehe.
Well,she will hopfully soon eat all by herself. But she really love the syringe - her way of fast food ;D

We have started now to search for the most perfect home for "Icebear" - Ultimate Sin.
He is the absolutly 200% heartbreaker of the year. That has also my camera picked up. He loves the camera!

 And a last one together with Auntie Pearl. Tomorrow it will be their last night with our beloved foodmonster,because she is moving to Oslo - in a forever home together with the kittens grandfather. The best home she could ever have - but oh my, we will miss her terrible.

February 19, 2012

6 weeks old

Yesterday our babies were 6 weeks old.
They are running freely in the kitchen now and are very happy for more space.

I think Fayette is still serving them cream in her milkbar,because Fetisha has still no plans of eating on her own - but I have started to feed her a little with Hills AD from a syringe and she really loves it. But to eat on her own? No thanks:-)

We got also back 2 out of 3 PRA tests from Australia and are very pleased with the result.
Ultimate Sin is N/N and Voodoo Dancer is a carrier.
Hopfully Fetisha's test will come next week.

And now has the true colour came on Ultimate Sin. It has been a very interesting colouring-journy these weeks. From blue to seal,back to blue and now we are pretty much sure.
Sealpointed-smoke. So he will be avalible for a forever pet home.

Voodoo Dancer is getting more and more alike his American-mother line, and I love those types of cats.

All 3 of them loves people very much.

And todays bonus picture :

February 9, 2012

5 weeks old in the weekend

Saturday morning we will have 5 weeks celebration.
Nothing much has happend  the last week,beside they are trying their very best to escape from their kitten run. It is much more cosy to sleep in the sofa or relax by the fire.
But I think at least they should stay in the little run for 1 more week.
Our project this week has been introducing them for solid food.
"Icebear", our siamese baby love everything he see,but his sibling think mommys milk are still the best.

I love this age,they are so trusting,naughty and social. Thy love people and love to snuggle in a lap. Especially Fetisha. Her  brothers want to stay high and low and would not miss a thing. Everything is so exiting.

The pictures is a whole project. It is Winter, it is grey outside, the kittens don't want to sit still. Oh dear, I miss Spring and Summer time. Hopfully next litter will be easier to make good pictures of.

But here they are anyway :

And some bonus pictures as well , they have alots of friends :-)

February 3, 2012

4 weeks old

Tomorrow are our trio already 4 weeks old. The weeks goes allways so fast.
They love to be out of the birthbox, and are having fun in the kitten-pen who allways are placed in the kitchen. But actually they would be more happy if they could be outside the pen as well.
Everyone is using the litter box and are such clever babies. Now they just need to understand how to eat bigger zized food.
When they are ready it will comes.

Their personalities are comming more day by day.

Our "Icebear" who is the litters kameleon is back to looking bluish again. So today he is blue again.
He is such a charmer,who talk nonstop,and want to be hold tight and be kissed all time. Then he might find out he can enjoy and have a talking-break. And he has allways been much  bigger than the others, so he might got it from the daddy. He looks like he comes from another litter. He is sooo adorable,but even more adorable when he sleeps, our ears gets damage :-) The activity he got from his mother who was "adhd" as a baby herself.

Fetisha, our colourful little sweetheart is comming longest behind in the line with 2 very dominant brothers. But she got a real tortie power,so she will be the boss in some weeks. She still looks very naughty but she is the mildest one of them.

And little Voodoo Dancer is allways 2 steps behind his brother in everything he does. He prefer to be carried around,and if it was up to him..... please the whole day!

With such little charmers,all 3 of them, you can imagne how greatful we are,and how much fun we have here - every day.

I needet help with the pictures this week,because they got all " ants in their pants", and it is a grey and dark Winter day, so all pictures are taken with blitz.

Here they are :

 And a bonus picture :