February 28, 2012

7 weeks old

Another week went by, and now has the babies moved out of the kittenpen and have both the kitchen and smallest livingroom. They are more than happy with that,are not trying to break in to the bigger livingroom.
And they have also discovered a shortcut up in the sofa,where it is lovly to play or sleep.

The last PRA test came,and we are very pleased.
The siamese is N/N and the osh babies are carriers.

Fetisha is still beeing feed by a syringe,but today she did actually eat some very few bites on her own. Amazing hehe.
Well,she will hopfully soon eat all by herself. But she really love the syringe - her way of fast food ;D

We have started now to search for the most perfect home for "Icebear" - Ultimate Sin.
He is the absolutly 200% heartbreaker of the year. That has also my camera picked up. He loves the camera!

 And a last one together with Auntie Pearl. Tomorrow it will be their last night with our beloved foodmonster,because she is moving to Oslo - in a forever home together with the kittens grandfather. The best home she could ever have - but oh my, we will miss her terrible.