February 9, 2012

5 weeks old in the weekend

Saturday morning we will have 5 weeks celebration.
Nothing much has happend  the last week,beside they are trying their very best to escape from their kitten run. It is much more cosy to sleep in the sofa or relax by the fire.
But I think at least they should stay in the little run for 1 more week.
Our project this week has been introducing them for solid food.
"Icebear", our siamese baby love everything he see,but his sibling think mommys milk are still the best.

I love this age,they are so trusting,naughty and social. Thy love people and love to snuggle in a lap. Especially Fetisha. Her  brothers want to stay high and low and would not miss a thing. Everything is so exiting.

The pictures is a whole project. It is Winter, it is grey outside, the kittens don't want to sit still. Oh dear, I miss Spring and Summer time. Hopfully next litter will be easier to make good pictures of.

But here they are anyway :

And some bonus pictures as well , they have alots of friends :-)